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  1. sjim114

    Arvark's models

    Oh I gotta see this.
  2. When I make changes to the source code files, save them, and compile the main.sc file the changes I've made don't show up in the game. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. sjim114

    Arvark's models

    Even though I couldn't help, I'm still freakin' excited about the final products.
  4. Here's an error I get after making changes. When I go to compile main.sc an error comes up saying "Unknown directive /*:RogersPlayChug." and opens the Rogers.sc file.
  5. I have a few changes that I like to do with the game. I use to be able to do the changes flawlessly in 0.2e. But now with the new "opcodes" (which I know zero about) I can't do anything to the main.scm
  6. Upon starting the download it gives me an error saying "Error opening file for writing". The file in question is d3d8.dll
  7. I would go with the steam version. Every few months there's a sale to get every GTA game that's on steam (minus GTA V) for about $5, which is a MAJOR deal.
  8. sjim114

    Arvark's models

    Could you possibly send me the .dff and textures and I'll try to put in in the game with the textures? I'll of course tell you how I did it so you could release the models.
  9. Looks amazing. Can't wait to mess around with it.
  10. I'm guessing that simply fixing the LOD van's collision file should solve the bug.
  11. sjim114

    Arvark's models

    It looks amazing man. Can't wait to see it in game for myself as well as your mcfly house.
  12. I haven't seen these buildings in any of the films. How do you know they are there?
  13. Which engine will this be on?
  14. Wow, that sounds amazing. Can't wait for this.
  15. I was browsing through the gta3.img file (as you do), and I found a few files that are of different railroad models. I decided to view them in a dff viewer and i figured out that they are modeled VERY well. The only problem with the files is that they aren't collision mapped, therefore can't be imported into the game. I would love to make a section of the map that is just the railroad by itself with the Roger's locomotive. It would be awesome to have the train push the Delorean off the incomplete bridge to 1985 where it is complete. Here's an photo album of what all of the models look like: http://imgur.com/a/N8NbL