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  1. Sometimes you don't need the .dff file but If you're playing on the latest 0.2f dev build then there's a possibility the model you downloaded isn't compatible with it anymore as it was made on a very old version of the game. That's my theory.
  2. Good job, everything now works properly. ;)
  3. It is there, it's just invisible, walk to the door.
  4. I think it doesn't matter, I'm using Steam version and everything is working just fine, and I can even play it on Windows 10.
  5. Awesome, can't wait to drive there with Doc's truck and BTTF1 DeLorean.
  6. Happy Birthday, Sebastian :)

  7. Will you make this for Android devices? By the way it looks very cool, good job!
  8. I love these animations! Can't wait for 0.2f!
  9. So what is this? Q) When will 0.2f be released? A) It will be released when it's ready and not before, rushing it out is what caused 0.2e to be a failure - However we are shooting for a Spring 2013 release.
  10. Sorry double post (typed on a mobile and bugged out).
  11. You're welcome Btw what was the problem?
  12. Did you installed 0.2e R2 version? Because there are two - 0.2e and 0.2 R2.
  13. Yeah, I have this addon. He's a great one. Btw here's my on my youtube channel with mod and addon.