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  1. Shoutbox isn't private as MSN. Yeah maybe.
  2. Ed are you going to connect to msn someday ??? I want to talk
  3. Couldn't be more simpler. Find this and that's all: :TIME_3096 Just change the RGB colors as ed said. Please stop asking things like this. Before post use the SEARCH button.
  4. I'm online Right now. But before any of you talk to me read my subnick and think.
  5. Not exactly. When i tried it (i still using it) my game doesn't slow down. Only slows down when i have MSN, Firefox, WMP runing.
  6. Have you ever used GTA State of Liberty ??? It uses 3 SCM at the same time , each SMC is 3.0mb, and yes is possible to exceed the limit. The other day i tested a modified gta-vc.exe with 2 scm at the same time : main.scm, bttf.scm Need my help ?? contact me on MSN.
  7. The 0.2d's handling was more realistic.
  8. For beginners you should use ZMODELER. Is very EASY.