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  1. I'm surprised the thread isn't filled with flames and hatred for having dared to ask that question, i guess the community here either matured or left. Anyways i dug up my old account info just to tell you this: it's been 6 years since 0.2e, give up and move on. Check the status once a year, and if it ever gets released you'll be pleasantly surprised and will have avoided years of frustration.
  2. Press the replay button repeatedly while near a hoverboard, the texture should change.
  3. Latest looks stable. Played 21 minutes in the future and only one crash during flying animations, which shouldn't be related to this. Nice work
  4. It would be cool to have different mechanics for each TM, but i'm guessing they are all using the same time travel code, and making a different one for each would probably use up alot of coding space. What i really like about the first bottom sequence is the time it takes to time travel. It might be too slow, can't say for sure without trying it out myself, but in the official version i find it very easy to reach 88 in a few seconds (6~ seconds of straight road), it takes away much of the challenge during chases, especially the libians with their blind driver
  5. Tyrell

    My BTTF Skins

    Biff looks great, marty has a creepy face though. And his jacket doesn't seem to fit him too well Offtopic: There's a problem with your new libyans, the game crashed whenever they were supposed to spawn. Had to revert to the original skins/models.
  6. Ah ok must have missed some posts about it
  7. hmmm i have a problem with this last update During 3.3 installation it told me "One of the files for the mod that was secified in the script file could not be found. Make sure the installscript.txt file is in the same directory as the rest of the files for the mod.". Happened twice then finished without any more problems, but the only difference i see in game is the new particles. Any ideas?
  8. I vote no, as long as keeping them doesn't impair the development of the mod. Police chases really add to the replayability of the mod at this stage, without them the only thrills i'd get would be from libians chasing me on a hoverboard
  9. If you open gta3.img with txdworkshop you can see the textures of the radar. Problem is it's divided into 64 little squares, so you have to divide the hill villey map and find the right .txd's to replace with each piece. I tried making a textured map yesterday but failed miserably
  10. As long as the mod keeps going and the developers don't vanish in thin air like it happened with a baldur's gate mod i'm happy. Impatience is something you have to deal with in all mods, all games, fanmade or official, anything that's good and intresting... it's a human characteristic i suppose
  11. Just tried that, it crashes every time i hit the wire
  12. This is what i'm missing, should be the same for him: The building itself IS there because the car crashes in invisible walls.
  13. Great job! It works, with both skateboard and hoverboard.
  14. Blue is gone? From where? I didn't see any news about this... is it permanently?
  15. It didn't crash for me before but i tried it anyways. Everything seems the same, including the invisible building