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  1. Well, technically, a DeLorean must be thought up by a DeLorean (as I said, like John or his son or daughter), and therefore it would be called the...uh..."Gozer" (If that was the person's last name that made the car). If I recall correctly, the Ford was made by a dude named "Ford," but hey, whatever.
  2. No, he said, "I got a hover conversion," so I'm guessing that he "got," or "bought," and so, he didn't work on it in his garage. Also, as he said that, "If the Time Machine were to fall in the wrong hands..." so, he probably did the Mr. Fusion conversion himself.
  3. Granted them DeLoreans are cool, but they NEVER existed, and can't without a DeLorean to make them (a son or daughter of John, if you will). That's all I see wrong with 'em, but hey, they're NOT mine to make fun of.
  4. There is no better companion better for the Past then the Future, as that's what you were saying. But just to be clear, the DeLorean has it's limits; not that of Time Travel, but that of there was only 2 DeLoreans: '81 and '82, and therefore that's where the mod should be for pretty understandable reasons. By that I mean that there is NO DMC-13 or '04 DeLorean, there would've been an '05, but John died when he was making it. I'm just saying that there should only be 1 DMC in this mod: The '81 (with Time Machines) If this is the wrong place for this post, I'm sorry, but as we all know: Back to the Future is a Science-Fiction movie, that is, unless you think of Vice City as being real....
  5. Yeah, about that, where if 0.2f? I haven't seen it for about 2 months. Aren't all the releases supposed to be on Oct 26 or so?
  6. Not to be breaking an invalid "rule", but XP is the best operating system as of yet, and I have VISTA, and my Dad has 7, we both concure that XP is the best around. *Plays Karate Kid Theme*.
  7. This is probably the FIRST time that anybody did their homework on this site. A+
  8. Thanks! I'll give that a try, as will most other people on this web page, I suppose.
  9. I tried that, then epicly failed. I can't replace the radio files, even with the converter. Anyone else probably can, and will...
  10. Really? I play online GTA 4 with my friends, and I still can't remember everything, unlike in GTA 3...but back to the topic at hand. GTA 4 is like a no-police/bent-cop place, as in GTA 3, the graphice sucked, granted, but it was at least very, very fun for me, about 7 years ago...and I just recently got back into it again...only this time, for PC! All I'm saying is, play GTA 3 ALL THE WAY through again, and then go online in GTA 4, and look at the map; fly, drive, swim...I don't care, but geet a feel of 3, and 4 then decide if you still want 4 (BTW: GTA 4 is really GTA 8)
  11. As do I, but I have 3: VC Origonal, 0.2e, and a Mod that I'm making.
  12. It's nice to meet another Republican that I can relate to.

    BTW: Are you FOR or AGAINST obama?

  13. Hay, raybob, what's going on?