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  1. so like is the bttf mod being transferred to GTA SA
  2. please find some way for this to make a return
  3. isnt this like one line of code to change anyway
  4. well i do see their point itd be cool to take the large town in 0.2e and merge it with what we have in 0.2f i like all of the buildings in the main downtown area but i did enjoy all of the areas like the theatre and mall parking lot as well as making it look more complete
  5. i would believe it but im pretty sure you changed the clip 17-18 seconds in
  6. these libyan terrorists are relentless i have to outrun them a lot with these crashes
  7. im sorry it wasnt entertaining but that sounds like a personal problem
  8. s**t all im trying to do is edit small values like the date and spawn location dont tell me its at the point to where the keypad breaks if you change the spawn date
  9. i think its the (only) bump on the road to hill valley not too far from the town its not a white line its kind of like a grate going across the road
  10. same Sannybuilder doesn't like compiling it
  11. well basically i run sanny builder as administrator and have set the vc directory to the 0.2f mod directory and the gta vc directory whenever i use the main.txt to compile since it wont let me decompile the main.scm it ends up crashing gta vc when i start a new game it's only when i compile too, i dont even change anything and it still crashes im using the steam version of gta vc on windows 8.1
  12. i think they already said it was and it makes sense
  13. the day is nye not bill nye but the date of october 21st for when this mod will be released lets do some time travel things
  14. Stating that you can model without any work shown and complaining about the current modelers doesn't seen like a good impression to me. And I also don't see why anyone would cry over the buildings being made/looking like it was done by multiple modelers.