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  1. Hey Walther is me Lucas, me add here.

  2. was very good! only the fire was bad.
  3. My mod has the following components: * Custom Car (and indestructible) * Skins for James Bond * Missions Based in Movies * Sounds, Voices, Music and the Movies * New Characters * Languages: English and Portuguese * Cutscenes in Missions All these components have already put in the mod. Personal assistance to make the car of James Bond have special components such as: Rocket launcher, Self Destruction, Stealth, Turbo acceleration and others. and change the loading screen of GTA: VC
  4. Hi friends, I'm making a mod for GTA: Vice City. help and ask the following questions: 1: to make a mod I need to communicate Rockstar Games? 2: is my mod on the movies of James Bond. the problem of placing the logo of the film or other things that may involve copyright? [sorry my bad English, is that I speak Portuguese, and use a translator.] Thank you all!
  5. hello ! I'm new here! This is Marty I did. Click Here ! what do you think?