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  1. Gosh, I love them both in SA and VC! I think it looks better in vc, but sa is good. The reason is the headlights look weird to me in SA but it fits perfectly in VC. Love em'.
  2. Well it was my idea for the pm thing, so SIGN ME UP!!!! These are awesome models. I wish Bttf the game was more open and free like GTA
  3. Or, whoever wants them will send a pm to you and you send the Models to them via pm
  4. Please don't insult me if these ways to avoid copyright won't work I have a few tricks up my sleeve to avoid copyrights. 1. You could only release episode 1's models, cause episOde 1 Is Free and anyOne could use the models. 2. You could only release the delorean because you only get to look at The delorean in game, and since driving it isn't a feature In the game, You should be able to release it. Tell me if these ways will work or not.
  5. Awesome work so far trance! I like it! So, are you finished with the models and waiting to release or still working on them?
  6. Well yeah, I wanted it to be epic. I would've made them have them have good last names, but I couldn't think of 2 good last names.
  7. Update: I will start working on part one's effects and it will be released by the end of may. Full story of trilogy: 12 year old Alex Brown, relative of Emmett L Brown, has figured out an alternative way of time travel rather than flux dispersal. He creates a time machine out of his parents' 1998 ford expedition. He takes it to 1985 to see his parents in high school, but then he made a fatal mistake: He over calibrated the vanilla-water ratio, which is the time travel fuel, making the time machine consume all of it, plus destroying the time travel vortex maker. In 1985, there isn't anything that he can use to build a new one. Alex's assistant then realizes that they should be back to 2011 by now, but they aren't. He then builds a time machine out of a golf cart, exactly how Alex made the original, causing the same problem when he reaches 1985. Now, Alex has to build 2 time travel vortex makers. Alex, his assistant Jordan, and friend Eric Mcfly, must break into the most advanced lab in the united states at that time, NASA. He takes the parts he needs, then eric makes him bump into the research of a global sheild, preventing a solar ray from causing mass destruction to earth, and destroying it all. He fixes the time machines and when he sets the time circuits he screwed up and sent him to Dec 21, 2012. Now that there is no shield to protect earth, the apocolyspe happens. A rock hits the front of the car, destroying the time travel vortex maker again, and then before the world ends, Alex must go around the world to gather the parts to build a new one, so he can go and fix the world.
  8. Oh, Ok. Yeah, You may hear my voice crack in the movie. My voice just started to deepen. Plus My audio editor I used for the echo effect raises pitch a little. I appreciate your attitude against kids like me, on another forum if I'm 1 year younger than someone I will probably get made fun of.
  9. 12 isn't really young, just younger than most people on here. I've barely been on very long, so how do you know i'm not mature?
  10. I would, but its $1000! I could download a crack, but I have only 5gb of download limit. I was just going to take a picture of each frame that I want to have an effect, then open them up in paint and make like a circle vortex thing. @mr kocher Lol, a 4 year old watching BTTF. With all the bad language. Your parents must have been gone O.o
  11. @Mike Um... well, the movie is going to be three parts. Part 1 will be released next weekend. Part 1 will be about the main character's first time travel, and making the time machine. @Mr Kocher I came up with the idea about 2 months ago, about another story, and then one night I was in bed and thought of this. I got into bttf after I saw the end of bttf 2 and bttf 3 on tv, then went online and saw the trilogy. When I saw that, I didn't even have Vice city. When I found BTTF HV I was like, I gotta get that. I saw the movies about 6 months ago.
  12. I am planning on making a movie for Fun. Its called BTTF: The Next Generation. It's about a scientist kid, who's a descendant of doc, and he has found a alternative way of time travel, rather than flux dispersal. Please don't make fun of my age, I am only 12 and I really like BTTF. Here's the trailer: What Do you thinK? PS: The effects will be better, You can tell I dropped the little tablet. On the tini windows movie maker preview panel I thought you couldn't tell.
  13. I had 3 questions about coding and modeling. I have been searching for months on a quality tutorial on how to port models from SA to VC. I already know how to change the .txd file, but what about the .dff? Another question is how to you make a scanner like KItts on some Random car? I wanted to make Knight industries time traveller on The infernus or somethin, since everyone hated my Kitt Delorean edition. Ok last question, I wanted to make a Knight industries time traveller with SPM, so It would have that problem when you set the time circuits it turns on the weps, and if not possible I wanted to make the BTTF 2 flying delorean into a land vehicle so it can drive and i would not have to do much coding. Ps I may sound like a newb that can't do much with coding, well, I am.
  14. Weren't you the one who put kitt in BTTF hill valley in the first place? Lol
  15. Ok, I'll try and make a new car, or a VERY big edit of another one.
  16. Why is their so many haters out there? I mean seriously. On another game all I get is Bad comments and insults. I hoped the society here was better, with nicer People. Ok, focusing on the Time machine, What do you like and what do you not like about it?
  17. That's Awesome! I only don't like the headlights, But its AWESOME. Can't wait.
  18. I don't know if you've noticed, but the link on the tutorial for the models is broken. If your talking about Ashley's tutorial. The reason I made this is I wanted the people who can't make their own or couldn't find the link to the model. Also, I was wondering, can someone make me a step by step Tutorial on how to make the scanner? I have been trying but can't figure it out. I was planning on putting it above the KITT emblem on the grill.
  19. Dude, since I could never find the model, I figured it was a good first car. I just joined the forums what, 3 days ago!!!! Stop being a hater. Oh yeah, I'm more like the 3rd person. I actually made some edits. Like I changed the DMC symbol with KITT.Custom License plate. As soon as I figure out how, a Scanner.
  20. what th- *boom*? Replace bananas with Knight industries time traveler.
  21. My new Knight industries Time Traveler. I will only release the .txd file, because the .dff file is 0.2e's. Just to clear things up, I meant to but FOR above the bttf hill valley at the end, but forgot. Thanks to ashley for her Kitt coding tutorial, thanks to The bttf modding team for 0.2e and the .dff file, and thanks to me for the .txd edits. Tell me what you think. As soon as 0.2f comes out I will make a new version for everybody. Replaces BTTF 2 delorean or hotring. Please don't ban me from the forums for stealing, I don't think it really is.