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  1. the delay was used for load model without any bug , if you load it without that delay sometimes it crash , and nice video it's very cool with the teltalle map
  2. i think micro is talking to me i made that script long time ago if you want it i can send it to you
  3. I will release it i think i just to fix one things before that , but i will put it on moddb or gtagarage , and I don't think i can do it on VC that 's been very very long time i don't code for on that game XD.
  4. Oh that's nice , you put the two maps together with the coding or you just transport the delorean to the good map?
  5. sorry angelo but i ask mike for realeasing it but is answer is no. i don't know really why, micro said it to me but i forget it ,it was long ago
  6. don't like it , the effect are very weird and it's not fluid at all , you should work more on it before realease that with the team permission of course
  7. you have some trouble with the delorean light as i see strange but hill valley and the other car are very pretty great work
  8. pretty awesone for the cold effect and the hover mod good work
  9. the flux capacitor is a model so is put on the car at the good place and keep the car angle not like the particule this is when the flux not glowing and when he glow of course the render is better by night but you can see on the video what that look like , and it's an old model micro made a better one and for the continuous shot for the moment it's not very neccesarry because the wormhole1-9 it's the old blue's one until i change it and the wormhole 10-18 it's the anim you see on the video but i will made the shoot when i will finish the entire animation but we are not really in the subject of the topic
  10. yeah i create that particule using telltale wormhole and arrange some other particle and micro made the flux capacitor glowing on the inside but for the moment only for the carlos's bttf2 delorean
  11. it's normal it's too big i have the same problem when i converted the 2e model you have to play with the vehicule.ide for fix that. For your video not bad at all but still have some things to do
  12. That's funny today i saw that on my youtube page for that video "zero edit for bttf hill valley for SA " that is the post said by STexturer , i think carlos you need to read that
  13. can't wait to see the delorean in game
  14. Oo the mod is on filefront , that surprise me a little however for your problem you don't really need the downgrader patch use the GTASA v1.01 they work with it and if they don't work install all the file in another file and instal it manually to search the where the problem came from
  15. me banned no , it's just i'm not very present on this site but i keep watching
  16. rush and young already made i will post pic soon and kino as already work ^^ and for the new installer we will see at the end but i don't have any knowledge with that
  17. i play with your mod even if it's complicated for instal it the mod is very good you do a great job ^^
  18. depending on the mod but they can took one day max