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  1. Its not my computer it the website, it keeps giving me a 404 error, so I have to use a proxy to come to this site.
  2. It was the earlier post where I said "Yeah ok " just look above it. I would quote it but my computer wont let me
  3. Its a show about how Prophets such as Nostradamus can predict the end of the world and all of them say December 2012.
  4. We all know it will be awesome its just the End of the world thing that's what is annoying and you have no idea the irony in this, I'm watching a show called the Nostradamus Effect lol .
  5. Plus Leaf was kinda of kidding and kinda being truthful
  6. Not every single post in on this site is constructive. All or at least most of the Mods have had multiple nonconstructive posts.
  7. There wasn't a separate conversation
  8. I wasn't trying to increase my post count I was just responding
  9. Umm everyone here plays the mod, it is the site for a mod.
  10. It would be pretty cool to look up in the game and just see a giant Welcome To Hill Valley Sign
  11. I resent that, (even though I spelt resent wrong and spelt, what were we talking about?) PIZZA!!!
  12. But someone split it off and put it in the Off Topic Area....
  13. Lol look at knightprowl trolling :P

  14. And I was embracing that Idea
  15. Why not go to 2015 for 4D or 5D TV's So he doesn't need glasses?