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  1. Thanks Trance, I'll do that ~John~ ps. did you see that vid I posted in "off topic" of Bullseye diving into the bucket?
  2. I know how to scale lol............. What would be the best way to know, that I've got everything the correct size, I want to do this with a slight degree of accuracy lol It's an interior for a building ~John~
  3. Thanks for the info Thyncho, But I wanted some tips on scaling a model down, so it is the correct size for GTA VC, its a map object and scratch built, the size it is at the moment I think I will look enormous lol.... ~John~
  4. Hello everyone, I have just made an interior for my mod which I'm working on, just wondering whether I should temporaily import the player model to my scene to get a general idea of scale? how would you do it? Thanks in advance. ~John~
  5. This may seem like a daft question, but when you've created a model from scratch, you'll then need a corresponding *.col model to go with that, does the script automatically create a col or do you have to make another model but export it in col instead of dff? Sorry if this sounds daft ~John~
  6. I agree with Knight bob, I don't wish to get into the politics, but can this get back on topic now, I see a new reply and get all excited, and get dissapointed when I find its still off topic Looking good K1
  7. go to add object, enter model ID, model name and then position it wherever you want it will tell if you have done it properly or not... Here's a video on how to use it: Hope this helps ~John~
  8. Pure genius.... killing to birds with one stone lol Looking good by the way ~John~
  9. Its all looking very good, Its great to see progress pics ~John~
  10. Brilliant job! I like the interior one and the exterior one is EPIC!
  11. Have to say I liked the time train because it runs on steam plus coal and water is a tad easier to get hold of than plutonium... there's Mr Fusion.... but what if you get a hole in the petrol tank... you're doomed............ but but but... I would have to choose the BTTF 2 Delorean for driving (or flying) around the city because it would be easier to park in Asda carpark ect... and I could just leave it in a lock can't really do that with a train.... LOL! but they're just my thoughts ~John~