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  1. I'm surprised no one has attempted to reinstate the deleted scenes....
  2. Nothing is impossible, it's a case of knowing what you are doing, Leaf seems to be very good at what she does in regards to Renderware coding, you only need to see what has been achieved in BTTF:LC to see what is possible Thank you for the links I will look at them later, yes I want to learn C++, I heared it can be very useful
  3. Even still, it would be a good idea, a quick question, what program would I need to edit the .exe for gta, I tried resource hacker but it don't seem, to show anything related to what I need to see.... sorry for going off topic..
  4. Yes, I think an SDK would be quite useful for mod making in GTA games I'm no good at making things like this but I think it could be a great tool, if you are talking about, what I think you are talking about and the possibility of a dev console like the source stuff? just a thought.. ~John~
  5. Back to normal then I don't care if it takes another 10 years before 0.2f is released, however long it takes it will definitely be worth waiting for
  6. I think Mike said something about the destination time, as each part of the readout stays the same when refreshed, this will indicate when it will be released, it says 2013, but the time and month are still random, just a question of waiting, the way I see it, the longer we wait, the newer the PCs we are using, consequently by the time 0.2f is released we will have mostly have computers that will run it 100% without frame lagg That being said, I bet it will be released before Half Life 3
  7. Well that's good news, I don't like to ask, because I know how annoying it is to be crazed when working on a project...
  8. 0.2f Progress will be updated when the team feel the time is right and when they believe everything is in order, check back every now and then and have a look, like I do ~John~
  9. http://youtu.be/EtpbAOh4pB4
  10. Silence is golden and patience is a virtue lol
  11. What are you like. ha ha
  12. Not at this moment in time.... something to look forward to in 0.2f Patience is a virtue ~John~
  13. I have tried the BTTF mods for both GTAIII and GTA Vice City, I have to say it's amazing the work that has gone into both, the GTAIII one is amazing because there were never any flying vehicles in it at all, except for the dodo, which doesn't count as its not really a flying vehicle but more a car with odd handling lol.... I would say that both the LC and VC teams are doing a cracking job! ~John~
  14. Nice, though I think I will hold fire 'till they make one that hovers lol............... didn't they say in the making of BTTF that they've always been about but a parenting group said they were unsafe hence why no one can get one? ~John~
  15. Thank again Trance, the model is fairly low poly anyway, could I get away with doing one export as a col and the other as a dff? and would I need to remove the textures for the col one?
  16. Hello everyone, I have just made a map model from scratch in 3ds max, but I don't know about col files, do I need to create another model and export it as a col or is there a way to use the gta script for max to make a col model? Hope this makes sense ~John~ ps. This is for VC not SA