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  1. Just done a fresh install of GTA III, ran it as normal, worked perfect, installed 1.1B & got the same result.... is the BTTF .exe file not compatible with the 1.1 patch which I had to install to get gta3 to run on Win 7, is US version different to the UK version?


    Edit: I copied the contents of the audio folder on the CD ROM over to the Audio folder on the hard drive it's not demanding disc 2 anymore & it now runs... however I am still getting:




  2. I have an issue with the current version of BTTF:LC everytime I go to change the screen resolution it crashed back to desktop & doesn't save the settings, I am guessing this is due to a bug because if I need to minimize it to look at something on the desktop it will crash & close then & when I change the screen resolution normally it will go back to desktop but the settings are normally saved, but not with this mod installed, it crashes, close & don't save the settings, is there a way to set the resolution before opening the game, this is the CD-ROM version not the steam version.....


    Thanks in advance.



  3. ...

    Only issue with re-adding the ride mission is that we would also need the dmc-13 time machine back in.  While we could add it back as a road going vehicle, we stole it's heli slot for the 2015 taxi (hover conversion and animations to follow soon)

    Not sure how big of a job it would be but just by way of suggestion, seeing as Leaf is helping with the project now could the hover mode be the same as BTTF:LC that way no hover/heli slots would need to taken up & all cars would be able to hover (Leaf correct me if I'm wrong)

  4. That GTA V mod for BTTF would be cool if it had all the right sounds and animations etc, but GTA V was made to not be modded, took a while for modders to get in the code. So I'm not expecting anything to come from it for a while. Once good mods start coming I'll be getting it though! I have it on Xbone atm so I'm not missing out on anything yet.

    Good Start though, sorta like GTA IV's first BTTF mod.

    I don't know, it seems that GTA V was being modded pretty much as soon as it became available on PC, Rockstar reckon they welcome mods though, not quite in the same way as Valve but they do welcome modders...



  5. That'd be AWESOME. I've been working in Unity but it's a bit weird for me so something like that would be awesome, but it's probably impossible.

    Nothing is impossible, it's a case of knowing what you are doing, Leaf seems to be very good at what she does in regards to Renderware coding, you only need to see what has been achieved in BTTF:LC to see what is possible :)

    A while back, DK22Pac released a SDK for making script hook plugins in GTA SA. You will need knowedge of C++ and visual studio, plus there is no tutorial that comes with the sdk. This SDK handles almost anything you can find in SA, though.



    Also, you might want to check out one of my topics, where I mention an Open Source Limit Adjuster for GTA III, VC, & SA made by another great coder, ThirteenAG.


    Thank you for the links I will look at them later, yes I want to learn C++, I heared it can be very useful :)