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  1. Just an idea... There has already been a PS3 Ghostbusters game made so who knows, maybe a PS3 Back To The Future Game is also in the works... Hopefully.
  2. Since I can't post in the modeling Thread I'm posting it here, this is probably a coding request anyway. Have you ever found your self loving the Remote control view from behind the Delorean (not Marty's point of view) and wanted to have the option of having that view while you (aka Marty) is driving the Delorean or any car for that matter? I'm asking for the option to have that view when in the Delorean and (or) any car while driving & time traveling... Thanks
  3. Are you saying that you guys are gonna Mod out GTA 4 to be Hill valley? man that would be cool...
  4. I don't mean to sound rude, I know you guys must have heard this 1 million times before but I'm going to say it anyways... I love this mod to death and the creators did a great job at making it, but it kills me that it crashes as much as it does, my computer is more than capable of supporting VC and BTTF-HV but for some reason it crashes like a muther facker... My request is this: Please make 0.2f in a way that it either barely crashes or doesn't crash at all, PLEASE! For the time being I have found BTTF: Hill Vally far to frustrating to continue playing so I have uninstalled this amazing mod until the creators release a version that will function much better than it presently does... I just want to have as much fun on this game as possible in the future (no pun intended)... Thanks Bradley...