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  1. Wow ... The texture is perfect but maybe a little bit too "rusty" it looks like this : Anyway, the three textures were ok ! Great job
  2. Excellent ! Nice work, I can't wait to see the interior and all the little parts at the rear of the car. Carlos is making an awesome work.
  3. I don't understand the pic ... Anyway good luck with the textures, man
  4. The BTTF III Version !!! My favourite one Nice work guys !!!! Can't wait to see this models InGame ! Don't forget the Pepsi Cola logo on Doc's mess on the hood of the car
  5. Epic !! I don't remember that we can read Eagle GT Goodyear on the rear part of the tire... I can't wait to see it ingame !!
  6. Hmmmm why did you bumped this topic ?
  7. The Mr.Fusion is epic ! I really like it ,I think that this is a problem on the picture, but it seems too big o_o Can't wait to see the car flying
  8. Lol this is the best model of the DeLorean I know for the moment and it's not even textured ...
  9. Yeah the cars are looking good but they were not lazy , I think that they didn't want to do to much faces ... You can see in the final scene of the fifth episode that they used a very low poly model of the DeLorean because the 3 differents Marty came with 3 DeLorean ...
  10. nope for the brick walls on the front of the clock tower
  11. No offense dude but I prefer the old one :/ I made my own for my BTTF mini mod on SA , it has the light of the flux capacitor in blue as background and there's the clock from the courthouse on it
  12. das ist wunderbar !! Just a question, the digital speedometer will only be a texture ? Because I see that this is a box for the moment
  13. you applied the wrong texture on the clock tower , trance ... There's a brick texture for the top of the clock tower and for the bottom
  14. Lol ... FATALITY . The rear wheels are bigger that's what I thought but I don't there's something different , I don't know how to say that
  15. X-D I think so ! But seriously I heard that from a friend on a french forum about Back To The Future ... A radio called "Nostalgie" organised a contest and he won a BTTF II DeLorean ... ( OMFG ) Edit : Sorry , it's in French :
  16. That's cool , I think that the rear wheels are not big enough , it's not the same size as the front wheels
  17. @DK : I think that today , you can't drive a vehicle like the DeLorean TM in town because the rear parts and all this things are dangerous ... I heard that you need a permission to drive a car like this one
  18. The DeLorean , even if I love steam trains , I want a DeLorean because it's a time machine AND because it's a DMC-12 DeLorean And a train is not so good for time travel because it's difficult to hide , to drive ... Imagine the lybian scene with the Time Train ? XD
  19. With the time, you dan learn a huge amount of useless things about a movie X-D And if you like this movie , in general , you will remember this little details X-)
  20. BTTF was released in July 1985 ( in France it was released the 23th October 1985 ) , BTTF II was released in 1989 and BTTF III in 1990 ( because BTTF II and BTTF III were supposed to be one movie called BTTF: Paradox )
  21. Because the scene IS pretty damn cool X-D This movie will be 23 years old soon ...
  22. @Torque5 : About your first picture : This DeLorean was also used during the tunnel scene , when marty go out of the car on the hoverboard , we can see that the driver isn't Doc and that the time circuits colors were f*cked up , just after we could even see the wheels of the Flying Delorean under the car X-D Famous movies always have problems like that ...