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  1. Well we can see that you never go on French forums or even on some forums where everyone is a pain in the neck ( I'm not gonna say something else ) but yeah I'm agree the models are awesome
  2. The render is just absolutly AWESOME !! But please don't make the colors changeable or some bullsh*t like the DeLo.K.I.T.T. will reappear :/ All the things on the hood of the BTTF3 DeLorean is just perfect, I also like the shadows on the DeLorean, it's very cool !
  3. Thanks, but I don't know if the glasses are going to be transparent, it depends if I can find pictures of the interior of the train... And no, the logo was yellow, the locomotive was repainted and restored so many details aren't the same like the little hammer under the c**kpit, we can see on this picture that the hammer is red but in fact it was brown. X-)( On the pictures of the model it looks white but it's because the render of the textures is not good, so it's yellow on my pics. ) There's a lot of details that changed, like the little ELB logo on the front of the locomotive. I'll have to use Carlos85G's model to make the interior I think ... I can't find any pictures of the interior ! EDIT : The box was added when the tender was destroyed :/ That's why they only show the locomotive, I only found one picture with the complete train in the background...
  4. Not yet, I'm sorry. :/ I still have to fix some textures but I finished the biggest part of the work I think
  5. I finished my exams and I also finished the textures of the locomotive : I'm working on the tender.
  6. Sorry for the double post : What do you think of the textures for the moment ? EDIT: I don't know what happened on the texture of the chimney but I fixed it
  7. X-D. Too bad that we can't do a destruction like this one each time that the DeLorean explodes in GTA ... I think that it's impossible to do so many damaged parts.
  8. I checked and it's ok, the wheels can rotate. I still have to do the interior but I don't find any pics so after my exams I will do some details (under the train or for the hover conversion)
  9. X-D Yeah I think that I see how you did. It means that the BTTF DeLoreans won't have breakable parts ?
  10. O_o Holy sh*t ! I didn't know that it was possible to export so many faces in GTA VC o_o I'm not surprised to see that the biggest number of faces is on the BTTF 1 DeLorean. Thanks a lot for the quick answer
  11. I have a question concerning the DeLoreans ... Can you tell me the poly count, please?
  12. I think that it's way too high poly to be in a GTA game ... But now that you ask me this question an other time I think that it could work if I do many models like the BTTF HV team did for the VC model Some progress on the tender : EDIT : Number of faces : 552.374
  13. I'll have the time to finish it soon, I'm busy because I have some exams this week é_è
  14. Yeah DK asked me but I already have the StarGate mod to finish. Sometimes, just for fun, I'm making some maps or objects from BTTF like the time changing Hill Valley. Maybe after the release of the StarGate mod I'll be able to make some models for you I think
  15. I don't know... And I don't want to know X-DD I'll try to attach all the entities but I don't know if my computer will be powerful enough Yeah , I know X-) It's the "Hello Kitty Time Train"
  16. Carlos did an awesome work with the Time Train, I really like his work but I noticed that some (tiny) details are not accurate. (As I said I'm trying to make every single details so there are some details on my model that are useless for games like GTA VC or SA. ) I also have as rule "Never use an other model as reference" X-) The last time I did that I had to make a new model of the Pegasus StarGate for my mod. Some progress on the tender ,I also added little details on the locomotive :
  17. Thanks, the textures will be hard to do. By the way if someone have big nice pictures of the tender, I'm interested
  18. Oops... My bad ! The next time I'll call the topic "3d model of **insert a name of something**" X-D
  19. Lol thanks, I added as much details as possible on the locomotive... This time I'll finish the tender and unfortunately I won't do the interior :/
  20. Hi everyone, I started this model maybe 3 days ago, it's still a WIP but this is my model of the Jules Vernes Time Train : I'm trying to make every single detail, so it's very long to do What do you think of it ? I also want to say that I didn't make this model for GTA, that's why I didn't post this topic in "Other GTA mods". The poly count is WAY too big and I don't even know if I can finish it because the 3ds max file is too long to open, the file is around 2.00 go.
  21. The screws have the same color but the material isn't the same so the reflection on these screws make the color a little bit brighter
  22. All of this pictures are amazing you're very lucky, man ! I really liked the Flying DeLorean even if I'm not agree to convert a DMC-12 into a Time Machine, this cars are rare ... But the man who converted the DMC12 into a Time machine really did a great work Just a question do you have more pics of the Jules Vernes Time Train, please? I need a lot of pics of it, so if you have these pictures can you send me a PM ?
  23. I would say a discreet way of saying "we don't know, just wait" , as usual X-D
  24. Yeah the vehicles are not the only thing that need a lot of work, I think ...