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  1. Yeah there's a lot of details that we can't see in the movies, like the huge difference of prices for fuel between 1955 and 2015 ... I remember that a guy did an awesome job on Second Life, he recreated the 2015 HV Square with a great accuracy but I can't remember if he did the 7-Eleven Compu-Vend. EDIT : Just found that :
  2. I wanna kill all the guys that spell DeLorean like that : "DeLorian" but yeah, I have to admit that this Quadcopter was pretty cool !
  3. Are you going to do the interior of Lou's Cafe ?
  4. You should find a better texture for the ground but the texaco building looks ok
  5. In fact, he's laughing because the ship comes from StarGate Universe, not from Star Wars Keep up the good work !
  6. The time train, after BTTF3 (1991) , was sent to Universal Studios Florida ( The locomotive AND the tender ). But after that, in the late 90's, the tender was destroyed by the rain because some f**ls had the great idea to put the Time Train outside ... *FAIL* Also, the Locomotive was restored but some details disappeared like the little "ELB" logo at the front of it and the hammer on the side of the c**kpit. Omg, I just found that : EDIT: apparently these pictures were in the "3 disks collector edition"
  7. Hey ! Nice work !! It remembers me my time changing HV on GTA SA. The shotguns are excellent and the Texaco is cool
  8. The BTTF 3 DeLorean was also restored and the pictures were simply amazing ! Also, what they should do is building an other tender for the Time Train , while I was doing my model I was like "Nooooooo !!!" when I knew that the tender was destroyed because of the rain ...
  9. Yeah thats why im not answering ... I think that its useless to start an other "off topic" here about what he said.
  10. I'm just saying that some elements of the Citröen DS can be useful... You can always find the same elements in a car interior like the different elements of the dashboard, etc ...
  11. Ok, you should use the elements in the 2015 Citröen DS cab ... Anyway, good luck !
  12. I have a question, we never saw the interior of the car in bttf II so you will just imagine it or ?
  13. Very nice I don't know if this can help you : The blue car was used for the scene in HillDale when we can see the car flying around.
  14. Nope it's blue : The only problem is that I don't know if we can have this kind of effect on the paintjob in GTA VC ...
  15. I never thought that I would have the chance to see more of your work on the forum, K1092000 ! Glad to see that you're still around ! I wait to see the progress on the 2015 Police car
  16. Everything is perfect, it's a masterpiece X-D I don't really like the Outatime license plate and the textures of the tailights but that's not a problem. Great work!!
  17. Oh dude, I love this version of the DeLorean !!!! Amazing work ! I hope to see this car on SA or IV one day ! It's already looking awesome on VC !
  18. Don't worry, I know that, I was just asking precisely because we didn't see him for a long time now.
  19. OMG! I haven't heard that for a while X-D Just a question, Liam is really spending 12 months to make the streets or he can't because of his personnal life ?
  20. Hey, wait, that's my favourite car I see in this video Great job, guys ! Even if I think that the smoke that comes out of the DeLorean is a little bit unrealistic, but that's a WIP I guess Congrats' , Carlos !
  21. Lol, thanks guys ! I hope that I will be able to upload more of my drawings soon... I do a lot of drawings on my diary at school but I'm usually drawing super-heroes like SuperMan or SpiderMan.
  22. I did these two drawings one year ago, I wanted your opinion on my work : DeLorean Interior : I think that I added something that is normally not in the DeLorean just under the Plutonium jauge, I'm not sure. Flying DeLorean in 2015 : The wheels are wrong, I'm trying to fix this problem. I hope that you'll like these drawings
  23. Yes I can't tell with this picture if this is a problem with the textures or with the lighting ... I think that's both because when I tried to import this models in 3dsmax , I had two brick textures for the clock tower, one for the top of the wall and one for the bottom ...
  24. Sprint+Crouch to open the doors of the train (I don't remember but I think that this is the good controls) , it's in the Read Me man :/ Thanks for the Train
  25. Hey trance, nice work with the lighting ! But you should work on the clock tower , the model is strange during the day , but during the night it's ok