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  1. "BOOOOM HEADSHOT!!" StevenLovBTTF : I was just trying to help but if you're answering this way just get lost ...
  2. You have to replace the Bullet I think I'm not sure but for the features you mentionned, I'm not sure that Edna for example was converted by Trance ...
  3. Reading the same thing again and again isn't funny ... Try something a little bit more original the next time X-)
  4. Thanks but I have to admit that this one was easy ... Seriously, what's his problem ? -__-
  5. I don't think that I can say myself what is my best model X-) It would be strange
  6. I also have to study for my exams but I finished it a long time ago, these pictures are old
  7. Well, these models are very old but thanks :)

  8. I think I know the guy who did this models, he's on a french forum about BTTF ... He started Hill Valley on Sketchup a long time ago but maybe he just imported his models in an other software
  9. That's a shame that you used the BTTF 1 DeLorean ... I guess it was for the paintjob. You should try to find an other DeLorean ?
  10. I think that I'll upload it on my Mediafire account and I'll "accidently" post the link somewhere ... Or maybe I can make some new textures that will really look like Telltale's textures so you guys can have it but I'll see during the summer vacations because my exams are coming
  11. Because of TellTale Games ... We can't release it because the BTTF HV Team would have some problems with Universal or TellTale ...
  12. I don't know if someone already showed this to everyone : This is not the Outatime Orchestra but this is still Legen ... Wait for it ... DARY !
  13. That's what I forgot to do X-( Sorry I'll fix that !
  14. Just began the rear part of the BTTF1 DeLorean : I know it's not perfect but I'm trying to improve the details I had to fix some details on the normal DeLorean first ! EDIT : Some pictures of the interior : I hate Doc !!! Why is he so messy ?! X-D I think that I'll have to fix some cables.
  15. I have to fix the steering wheel, I did it a long time ago :
  16. Yeah I know I'm trying to make the roof a little bit smoother : Is it better like that ? EDIT : Top View
  17. Thanks a lot man, believe it or not but what you just said is important for me X-DD
  18. I had some problems with the coils, I think I'll have to make new ones but I keep this ones for the moment : Thanks to you, guys !
  19. That's cool Even if I don't know how the car will look like InGame, I'm glad to know that .
  20. I don't know ... I made it with 3dsmax and the file is too big I think ... 250 000 faces approximately. I know that Carlos' DeLoreans have more than that but he made his models with ZModeler if I remember . EDIT: Thanks, Mecha ! I'm working on the BTTF 1
  21. Well, I know it's not perfect but it's the second time I try to do this car : Some pics : I admit that I had to use some pics of Carlos' DeLorean on Moddb for some parts like the bottom of the car. BTTF Versions coming soon I hope ! PS: I'm having some troubles with Destiny's textures ... I will finish it as soon as I can !
  22. Yeah I already saw this one maybe 3 or 4 years ago, it made me laugh ... I like the picture X-D