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  1. COMBO Sorry ... It's just what I thought these last days
  2. I didn't understand what are the problems with this replica ... ? Everyone seems to be disappointed, can you tell me what's wrong with it ?
  3. Do you like it because it's an artwork from GTA V or because of the girl ? I just hope that all the visitors of the park won't damage the DeLorean again... Personally, I think that the next thing they should care about is the Time Train ... Not the locomotive because it was restored some years ago, but the tender was destroyed by the weather ( it was made out of wood )... I also think that the Time Train looks strange without the Tender !
  4. I don't know if you guys saw this video : Looks like they did an amazing job on the A-Car
  5. EXCELSIOR !!! :D

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      hi Micro, how are you??

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      Happy birthday, Microman! :D

  6. This is awesome ! Not only the code but also the model ! Nice work ! Zero did a code for the Flux Capacitor's light ... An illum model was appearing after the 80MPH...
  7. Yeah ! The wiring is too ... big I think ... Also, the wheels of the Sunstar models were perfect to me ... I think that an other interesting feature of this DeLorean will be the imterior... Because when I look at the interior of Ecto-1 ... It's just amazing how many details they made !
  8. I don't know if you guys saw this : I find this pretty cool And also, because I don't want to make two different topics, do you guys know that Hot Wheels ELITE is releasing a model of the BTTF 1 DeLorean ( and also of KITT but that's Off Topic ) The painting is nearly perfect and the details are wayyy better but I find the wiring and the wheels awful ( even if I noticed that the wheels have the "Eagle GT" writings on the sides. ) : http://www.hotwheels-elite.com/model-cars-...ime-machine.php 1.18 Scale, it will cost around 100$ or 150$... I bought Ecto-1 and I will have the A-Team Van also by Hot Wheels ELITE ... The details on the models are just AWESOME... I liked how they made the headlights on this DeLoreans ... The little circles on the headlights of the Sunstar/Welly models were kinda strange... I don't know if it willbe released with accessories as the hook but I'm waiting to see it with my own eyes to decide if I'm going to buy it ... The thing I would like Hot Wheels ELITE or Diamond Select Toys to make is the Time Train ... It's really something that's missing !
  9. Boo X-) I don't really understand, can you repeat what did I say Trance I don't remember ... ( He's dumb ... He's an as* ... He's a ... DUMBAS* ! )
  10. What's the problem ? I just said what I think ... Usually, you're the first one who says his opinion freely
  11. Sorry, but that's like this How I Met Your Mother mod on SA, it's pointless ! :/ Sure a player model of Woody or Buzz would be cool ! But a complete mod ?
  12. Awesome render on the R+BTTF 3 RR DeLorean ! Can't wait to see the other versions if you make those
  13. That's a great job, well done !
  14. Wrong question, dude ...
  15. Uh ... Well, I'm recovering from a bad thing I had under my right eyeslid that's why I'm not often on my computer... Back to the topic : So there is only one street left to complete the downtown ?
  16. Nice models ! Waiting the final render !
  17. As well, the plutonium chamber on the rear of the BTTF1 DeLorean is wrong ... There are some mistakes but I think that this models are still awesome
  18. Microman


    It's a Manga called StSeiya ... In this manga, every 100 years, many "knights" have to fight for a war between the goddess Athena and the god Hades and they also have to wear a kind of armor ... I just made the armor of the main character, his name's Seiya, some months ago and because I was bored I decided to add this armor on Cesar from GTA SA...
  19. Microman


    Well I hesitated to post this in "OffTopic" but here's the thing : StSeiya ? StCesar ? Got it ? Oh God... Please, kill me ...
  20. I absolutely love it for the moment, keep up the good work !
  21. Not bad at all I like the indications on the ground !
  22. These pictures are Reaaally old X-D The garage was working (on the picture the door's position isn't good) I started the interior of the garage but never finished it :/ I would say that he's using Blender but I'm not sure ... Note : The house used was named "Gamble House" if I remember, that should be useful if you want to make it.
  23. Sorry, I finished my exams ! No the poly count is too big for GTA ... Not for the regular DeLorean but for the BTTF DeLorean , yes ! Just a question, I wanted to know if someone can try to replace the 02.e DeLorean's wheels by my wheels, I wanted to see how they are on SA or VC X-) If these wheels interest someone, just tell me, I would be happy to see how they are InGame !
  24. @Steven : Nevermind, just be carefull the next time