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About Me

Later , I Would Like To Be Chuck Norris ...


I'm a modeller and I can make some textures :)

My models :


-Almanac weapon model 2ND PIC 3RD PIC

-Doc's Hill Valley Model

-"Marvin Berry And The Starlighters" scene



Marvel :

-Captain America's Shield 2ND PIC

-Thor's Mjolnir

-Thor's Mjolnir ( Ultimate Version )

-Silver Surfer's Surf

-Spiderman's belt

-Spiderman's Web shooters


StarGate :

( Some of the models I made for the StarGate Mod )

-Abydos Exterior / Abydos Interior ( V2)

-Abydos Desert


-New Goa'Uld Staff Weapon

-Atlantis Embarkation Room

-Prometheus Hangar


-Hatak Interior


Misc :

-My School

-The "Bleriot IX" ( a plane )

-Keyblade "Kingdom Key"

-Keyblade "Ultima"

-Gunblade "LionHeart"

-Zelda's Time Sword

-Trunks' Sword from DBZ

-Gummi Ship from Kingdom Hearts ( Not Achieved )

-Ghostbusters HQ ( Not Achieved )

-Tunneler T4 "Virginie" 2ND Pic

-"K.I.T.T." Knight Industries Time Traveler dashboard


My favorite characters :

-Rock Lee and Maïto Gaï

-Sora from Kingdom hearts



My Favourite Bands :

- The Beatles ,I played few times some songs of the Beatles ( I play the Guitar )


- Tenacious D ( Check This Riff It's FUC*ING TASTY ! )

- Sum41

- Metallica