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  1. i know how to make a button,i just know how to play AND loop and if you push again all loop over
  2. Hey fell'as,i'm in trouble with CLEO coding my mission is to make when you push a button to hear a sound but LOOPING please tell for me
  3. even in 80's. BUT he meet's up Clara in 1885 September
  4. Look at my last post. P.S dawnloaded from here now i'm trying to fix that code x
  5. it's from da readme YES,it's CLEO,and i saw all files i dont see anything bad. i never pick up KR from park
  6. Nope,when i get lost cops ,FBI shot on me and fire started with K.A.R.R.kinda don't finished mod EDIT: But this mod create "K.I.T.T from this site and also delorean88us"
  7. Hey guys,i just want to show for ya a little thingy. this called "KITT Death" or it's mean a BUG of mod he isn't bullet and fire proof.