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  1. I've added 3 cars, about 50K Poly's each to VC, a Maybach 62, Ferarri 512 Scagetlatti, and a Honda Accord. There are stability issues, but I didn't adjust frame limiter and I found a tutorial on GTAForums and posted it on the old forum.
  2. The Doc


    Why does this happen, when I first got this mod, I drove K3000, but I could only go to Attack Pilot mode, so I had to spawn Stealth Attack mode, now I could only switch from normal mode to stealth attack mode from the Mustang parked at the abandoned airstrip. And how do I go to Super Pursuit Mode now? I press + and nothing, I press 9 and I get a new spawned K2000, and sometimes K2000 could only go a top speed of 20MPH unless I use turbo boost, sometimes I get hydralics for no reason. Is Auto Pilot in the mod or Ski Mode? Now can you name what the car models replace in game? I mean there are 2 normal regular KITT'S. And 2 KARR's, and there are 2 KITT 2000's. EDIT: Now I See a bug: I tried this mod with carmods, but no extra cleo or teleport mods, however I use a trainer, but not the teleport feature, but after saving the game at a place around SF, you spawn in the middle of no where, then if you were to use the Jet Pack you would have to go to a interior thing and enter it and you are back outside with everything normal until you save the game again. It's no problem since I could start a new game, but I thought I would let you know, plus sometimes you are in the ground you start to fall in it, then if you jump your out of it and after a certain time you stop falling you also fall slowly and you don't fall like if it wasn't a solid collision you were in, plus when you press the arrow button to jog you walk even if your outside, it's weird you can't jog easily. This is only a save game bug though, so it doesn't matter much since you could start a new game it's not like you lose anything, but I thought I would say this anyway, if your savefile doesn't do this, I could send you the save file I use right now possibly.
  3. Is the hiding behind walls for SA a cleo or Script and where is it available at?
  4. I drove the K3000 without any handling mods or vehicles.ide mods, I have a replay of crashing into a securicar in Las Venturas going about 110 MPH and the car goes into the ground.
  5. SPM on KITT 2000 does more than taking you halfway across the map, I don't like how the front of Kitt 3000 Attack mode goes into the ground if you accelerate to fast causing sparks and the car goes into the ground and it's stuck.
  6. I was driving 175 with Kitt 3000 Attack mode and I didn't use the less traffic cheat trainer and I was passing all cars but some cars like to cut you off and when they did at 175mph i used turbo boost and it took me from the middle of Las Venturas Freeway to the middle of Los Santos freeway.
  7. It's cool when you lose a wanted level and use a trainer to spawn the New Attack Kitt 3000, however I can't seem to use any of the weapons for Kitt 2000 I see no junkyard Kitt and TurboBoost makes you fly.
  8. http://wikicars.org/en/Lincoln_Futura The futura any good then?
  9. Has this been brought up before? Lincoln Futura: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln_Futura
  10. I don't have either of those and I don't want to buy a camera now, I could borrow my sister's camera or my dad's camera, but I'm too lazy to.
  11. I made my own KITT 3000 RC car, since I had this 1:16 scale RC Ford Mustang and I was bored of it, so I thought why not and now it's done except I plan to add lights and a scanner to it.
  12. I'm talking about KITT 3000 not 2000, 2000 talks in the current release.
  13. They say things randomly in the next release right? The current release doesn't say things in KITT 3000 right?
  14. Does KITT 3000 talk in the game like KITT 2000 does?