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  1. All the people I do not want to talk about it just close this topic I ask you with all my heart
  2. Stop, model building, he really took the original from the game about this, I do not dispute and then added his in the game ,
  3. ALL THE PEOPLE I'm tired BAN ME and close this topic I'm not coming back HERE BUT TEXTURES were not stolen, I believe my friend! please leave me alone and my friend he does not stolen or say how he could steal them?
  4. so, in what was my fault, I asked a friend to all!
  5. NOTHING I did not steal!
  6. Well, I do not know if people will forgive (not ban me please)
  7. Dragon , read a personal message
  8. He's not in the army took Dragon let me give you the texture?
  9. okay so people I do not know where my friend took these textures so sorry
  10. Excuse me please use a translator from Google and perevidite us here what you've transferred, I can write what he had written and what I have written in their native language to you is clear?
  11. I just wanted to share with you all yet live in a different time, especially with the Americans and all others interested to communicate, and you fell on me ... and I still have windows and doors do not stick out, and simply painted ...
  12. Вот ты видишь что они разные , а эти люди НЕТ ! напиши на англ
  13. So people are right I will not argue with you, let's close this topic and more to her not to return not when? but my final word is this - Textures shops I downloaded, and the courthouse, I do not know where my friend took the textures he told me that he kept on drawing no need to ban me (
  14. so all the people I went to bed let'll look around tomorrow? and by the way the video window sills, and I have drawn these sills and the door just painted and the inscriptions on the wall no
  15. Dragon_King but how do you write a personal message?