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  1. Ever time I use Doc's van to open the back doors or put the hook on the DeLorean, it always crashes. Ideas to fix?
  2. I don't know if anyone has noticed this, but I am just watching the third film, and I am on the scene were Doc is explaining his plan to Marty about pushing the DeLorean with the locomotive. Clara can be seen in the film before Marty and Doc save her. She is spotted staring at the clock that's just been carried of the train. The camera will point to her when Marty says "Right, Doc, but according to this map, there is no bridge." Easter Egg perhaps?
  3. As we all know, the DeLorean in the film is a manual shift car. So now, I am watching the start of the third film, onto the part were Doc helps Marty to go to 1885, when Marty backs up to time-jump, a few seconds later the camera points to the gear stick with Marty changing it. But he changes to 2nd gear. I'm pretty certain that moving off in manual you have to start off in first. Or unless it's different in American manuals? Thoughts?
  4. I've haven't played Vice City in a while because I was buying new componants for my computer, like a new Motherboard and CPU. So after getting my computer up and running, I installed a clean Vice City game, and then installed 0.2f with no problems. Then I decided to play, displaying an error message of a missing irrKlang.dll file, I downloaded one and the game runs...well in a way. When I try to play, it goes normal, the Rockstar intro, but as soon as I go for a New Game it loads and ethier a black screen come up but in the Task Manager says it's still working and not "Nor Responding" or the other error is that it goes to the screen of the Player for about 1.5 second and freezes. I don't understand what is wrong, like I say, clean install etc. Please help. Just to save everyone time asking what my PC specs are PC Specs: MSI B150A Gaming Pro Motherboard RAM: 24 GB (By VIPER) OS: Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 OEM 64-bit CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.20 GHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 by Zotac 4GB All help is appreciated.
  5. My game still crashes when ever I try to put the hook on the car.
  6. I turned Frame Limiter ON again so now I'm getting some vehicles on the road, and the Doc's van doesn't crash the game when I unload the back doors, but when I went back to Nov 12 1955 10:03 PM it crashed the game as soon as it was starting the thunder sequence.
  7. I have no Limiter on, I have good settings on, like max resolution, no limits etc. And I just don't get why the hook causes a crash still, strange. And thank you, I'm glad fixes and such are coming. I'll reinstall my game just in case.
  8. So since playing 0.2f, I saw the first glitch/bug. No vehicles driving in the city, I only see one on rare occasions and even the hud like the Plutonium/Mr Fusion indicator flashes, same with the time circuits. And a bug that still exsists since last version, is that when ever I try to attach the hook on the back of the De Lorean, it crashes the game. And with a new Destination Time on the site, does this indicate a possible update release?
  9. Hill Valley is not a real location, so you can't say "Hill Valley local time". I got my hopes up, yet again, when the time reached and no download. I live in the UK so, I'm not surprised to be disappointed by the team again.
  10. What?! That does not make sense at all.
  11. So why is the date for American time? So it's morning there. I'm in the UK and it's 17:26.
  12. It's gone past the destination time, and we're still waiting here.....
  13. Don't you mean "Damn! Gotta fix that thing!"
  14. All this time waiting and waiting, the mod better be damn well worth the wait!
  15. We didn't say we wanted it rushed, we are just asking on it's progress since they don't bother to give a simple update.
  16. We've been more then patience with this mod. They can't even be bothered to make one small little post to tell us what is in or how the mod is doing. They are letting us down.
  17. So if the mod is almost complete, how come it says on the Mike's Mod Blog Post that the incomplete parts are; Train DeLorean push code, Rogers Locomotive, Hover conversion for 2015 taxi, update of time travel effect of DeLoreans and two more. Doesn't look like it's "near complete" to me.
  18.     And you still haven't fixed that thing yet Just like the trailer you promised months and the mod, we're STILL waiting. I'm starting to lose interest..
  19. I'm pretty sure we're past the year 900. lol
  20. I think everyone has been more then patience with this mod.
  21. I don't mean to sound like I'm angry or anything, but it's been maybe a year and a half with no updates or even a simple picture from the Team, I mean it would be nice if any of you could take just 5-10 minuites to make a update to keep the fans looking farward to the mod. I know some of you are going to say the usual "These guys/gals have a life of thier own." I know but why not spare a few minuites to inform us now and then? On Moddb page people say the mod is dead and you say it isn't, even nothing happens on the Facebook page. I'm just saying. Surley it shouldn't take this long to do one mod. What has been done and what needs to be done?
  22. When Doc droped Marty off to burn the Almanac, he flew high waiting for the book to be burnt. What I don't understand is why couldn't he land the car as well? He said somthing after Marty said "Doc, is everything allright? Over!"
  23. What's Einstein doing in 1955??! Last time I remember is 1985 Doc leaving Jen and Einstein in 1985Alternate. So how and why is he in '55??
  24. I've been wondering, on the top of the DeLorean in the middle, there is a kind of device that looks like... a mini-camera. But what does it do?
  25. I have been wondering about this for a while. When you see the DeLorean's first time-travel and returning to 1985 you see a green/orange sort of guage every time the car reaches 80 miles. Also when DeLorean88us made a trailer on YouTube, it had that feature or that might of been an effect he added when edditing the video. So how about this in the next version when all the important bits are done, and hopfully if there's more room to put that on. Here are my other ideas: 1) When ever the player has the BTTF1 DeLorean and start's R.C mode, Doc's dog spawns in the drivers seat (not an A.I actor though) 2) Just like the SA mod could it be posible to close Mr. Fusion unit without closing every door on the car and making it look beter animated as well? 3) Not sure if this has been reqested, but when you collect the Almanac from 2015 and hed to 1955, an alternate '85 will appear. (or this can be part of a mission) 4) Missions. Obviously i'm sure this was reqested, hopfully this can be in the mod OR or mod addon/update to the mod if possible. 5) Slightley descress the DeLorean's speed, so when reaching 88 mph the time-travel sequence begins makiing it a little tougher to time-travle. Just like the film. I'm, out of ideas, lol. Ideas people, i'd like to hear 'em.