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  1. 71KR117

    Tank mod?

    Is there a tank mod that replaces the Rhino? I am really annoyed when the cops come and open my doors. I was only having fun!
  2. I forgot to mention that you could rebuild the time machines afterwards.
  3. I was thinking for 1.0, at the end, the delorean will get destroyed. Like in BTTF Pt. 3!
  4. Guess what! I figured it out!!! For some reason the installer normally installs to C:\Program Files. I saw this and I changed it to my gtavc directory. It works now! I don't have to install SB to mod the main.scm file, or use IMG Tool! P.S. Who made the installer? I need to tell him/her about this issue...
  5. Not to sound like a pervert or anything, but is there a way to reopen the Pole Position Club's doors? Do I need to edit any files?
  6. Thanks for all your help. This mod rocks!

  7. I already did that when I tried to install it the 1st time. I looked at the VC installation folder, and I disabled read only. The mod works now , I copied the source into my main.scm, KITT with moving scanner shows up, autodrive map works, I haven't tried out the function where KITT follows you, but 1. It says "Zebra Cab" 2. SPM transformation doesn't work
  8. Ladies??????? Anyway, Sorry. I'm new to this forum. I love the mod! [EDIT] I edited my previous posts and I removed the quotes.
  9. I took the sounds from 0.2d. I don't think there the same.
  10. What do I do for step 9? Do I just put it under any "create_thread @____"? Okay, the installer didn't put a Audio folder on my desktop, only a Car Model folder. Was the Audio folder removed? Can someone upload the sounds please?
  11. It's possible. Triple boot for Hackintosh (PC + OSX) Triple boot for Macbook
  12. It's completely perfect on Linux Mint 9 (Linux Mint - Ubuntu + Codecs). I'm using Wine 1.2 RC7.
  13. 1) I installed it on regular VC. 2) Nothing of KITT works, the key presses, SPM, and its more of a KITT doesn't work with VC, than VC won't work with KITT. 3) main.scm is the original rockstar file. PS I'm using a cracked exe