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  1. I am always open to new things, and love exploring Technology. Buying a PSP would further my knowledge (And my Fun play time ) in the homebrew community. Plus i think it is rather foolish to limit yourself to one thing, and not explore more of something that is relatively in the same area. Also, i dont know if i want to release the Project to the public, although it would be awesome. I think that i need to work on it more if i choose to release it (Still some bugs i need to work out.) I have more things that i wanted to add to it. And i may need a DSLite to do it. But im not 100% positive yet. BUT! There are alot of programs already out there that are similar to mine. For example DS2Key, Win2DS, and alot of others. Again i thank you all for the wonderful comments. It just makes doing things like this more worthwhile.
  2. I would agree that the L&R Bumpers could be switched with B&Y, but i have big fingers, and it was easier to do it that way. Plus it looks kinda cool to activate the Time Circuits. =) And yes you can use it with any DS (Just not the DSI,) i would have preferred the DSLite, but i didnt have the cash at the time, so i just stuck with the Original. The actual Flash Card was made for a DSLite, because of the slim design, but i didnt care, it fit into the GBA slot. Maybe its time for an Upgrade. =)
  3. Thank you. Just FYI guys i am looking into purchasing a PSP, and doing some homebrew for it. Ill keep you guys in the loop.
  4. Thank you Mini-Me. And as for the PSP, i figured as much that it would be too much to port it. Even if you had the client on the PC itself them streamed the video and controls to the PSP, it would be too much.
  5. That would be an awesome thing to create, but i think to do that, the PSP would have to use the USB port, it would be to much to stream all of it through Wi-fi. Or i could try to port the whole game to the PSP. Alot of possibilities.
  6. IF anyone is willing to donate thier PSP. I will definatley make a program for it. =)
  7. Lmao! Ill try and keep you guys updated on the program.
  8. Thank you. Actually, mapping the direction functions were kinda difficult, since they are used for both the forward and reverse, as well as the basic directions. Originally my program did not support it. SO it took me awhile to write in a code for it. Something i meant to mention in the video, but i felt it wasn't needed.
  9. Thank you. I had alot of fun making the program, and integrating it to the mod.
  10. Here is something that i think you guys will enjoy. Comments are welcomed.