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  1. Yeah, it was really good. Now I'm off to go watch Inception, lol
  2. Lol, sounds like it... Are you going to be releasing detailed instructions along with your program (or whatever, lol) so that we may use this piece of awesomeness?
  3. @Joe: Thanks, that was all the info I needed. It was short, sweet, and to the point. Google tried giving me a darn novel worth of info. But you summed it up nicely.
  4. Please tell me that you are going to have the original Jeep in the mod? I love that jeep from part one... Makes me feel really young all over again... Back when things were simple and most boys then only cared about Dinosaurs... lol, Childhood memories.
  5. I hate to sound like a complete n00b, so I'll try not too... I'm not exactly familiar with Zone of the Enders, but isn't that a Game or Anime of some kind?
  6. o i c, i didn't realize that... I thought maybe ppl converted them the High-res themselves, lol
  7. I agree with Mini-Me, I would've switched the L&R bumpers with B&Y too. Question: Can you use this with any DS, or does it have to be the original? Cause I would at least like to use the DSLite... Although the original does kinda have a "Stainless Steel" look to it...
  8. Whatever you say, dude. EDIT: Anyway, kinda on topic: This kinda fits with the topic... When blu-ray BTTF comes out, will tv networks show the blu-ray versions as marathons instead of those dvd remakes?
  9. Nah, no war zone, me and Jen r just playin, lol
  10. uh, attention Jen, not ur business, GTFO, lol joking
  11. Even still, if someone didn't have the DVD, and assuming they have internet access from a PC (if they're here, then they most likely do) then they could just dl a torrent of BTTF or something. Better than watching it on TV... commercials, ick...
  12. I don't wanna sound like an ass, but it isn't special for BTTF to be on anymore. I was just visiting a friend a few days ago and I saw BTTF on USA Network channel. and it's always on Sy Fy (Sci-Fi, for us old school watchers.) Not too surprised to hear that it will be on Nick... Especially with the game coming this christmas, someone out there is wanting to build a fan base.
  13. I would almost guess that its probably a rough draft. Obviously there would be more to it than that.
  14. Video Bob's Replicas are pretty good if you are looking to buy one on a budget and not DIY... Which is what I am doing so I think that as long as the buyer of the car is happy, it shouldn't matter, right?
  15. Which Duke Nukem? Cause I played all of DN3D for PC and there was to BTTF reference... On the other hand... Stuntman Ignition also had a DLC pack that had a Time Machine look alike in there.