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  1. BTTFModMachine, why arent you replying to my PMs??
  2. bttfmodmachine, just reply to my pm, please!
  3. I agree with you Btw reply to my message please? Send me your version.
  4. I was wondering, why the heck there isnt awesome gta san andreas bttf mod? It can be made, hell, theres already lots of mods for BTTF mod. Theres the main BTTF team that doesnt do anything atm, nothing, we havent heard any news on VC or SA versions. Theres tons of modders that make small changes or big changes to their mod versions. Theres hellava lot stuff already done, that needs simply putting together. Thers admins on this site that can get permissions. COME ON guys!! Dont sit there, just make it happen! San Andreas has cleo! It can have awesome BTTF mod, with delo k.i.t.t , deloreans, dmc 13, cars from diffrent eras, map! Just think about it! Im sure that lot of people would donate to make this thing happen!
  5. Hey buddy how you doing? Can you reply to my PM?
  6. Ok relax man, I understand that you made your 2015 map, I give credit to original files, if I post it in my mod.
  7. Chill the F out guys. Atleast Im trying to do something. Rather then sitting and waiting for nothing.
  8. @BTTFModMachine, do you read my messages? I sent you the permission one.
  9. @BTTFModMachine So? Still it will look better then nothing. @ Doc-Holiday- Yeah but atleast Im doing something, rather then waiting 10 years for something to be done.
  10. Hey BTTFModMachine, My PC was dead, I revided it for now. Hows the packing going? You know what Im talkin about. Idk when youre done with that your version, please work on src code 2, the programists one. He gave permission to use it, if you credit the guys I messaged you bout.
  11. Lol right... Also Im back guys, My PC was dead, I havent bought new hdd yet, but Im going to reinstall windows this weekend (on new hdd hopefully) Then Ill be able to work on things I needed to do. Also thx to the guy who linked me the map! HV 1955
  12. Stupid? How is making map stupid? Its something someone had to do long time ago, but they didnt do it!
  13. What do you mean by doing nothing? Im not a pro modeler or texture maker, I can make map, putting all eras into 1 map. Look Im not a coder either, but atleast Im doing something you guys should have done long time ago. Make full version of BTTF SA HV mod. So don't go and blame stuff on me. And no Im not friend with Knightprowl, I don't know who he is. I give credits to original mods if I use it in my work.
  14. Its weird that you Steven posted this exacly 2 days later when I made my post. Im feeling you trying to hate on me. I know you left me by myself, ok fine do that. I don't care. Just don't go and steal my idea. I don't care if its not same or its similar. I first posted it, so if you had something to add, you could simply help me, but now. I don't give a f**k.
  15. Dude if its your maps, can I please use them? Theyre best I can get. Im not a modeler or texturer, I work with already semi-completed projects. Also if you have skype I would like to have few words with you. kasparello1 is my skype. @BttfModmachine Sad news Im afraid Steven will leave me by myself. He well hates me idk why but whatever. I can work by myself and with some help from Pozitiv.
  16. Because we could work together, and talk to each other about jobs we have to do? Also sorry I wish I could mod, but I can work for 3 weeks. I have to reinstall windows next week. Sorry but I will work when I can.
  17. Yeah sorry I can't download anything on this PC, because windows needs to be reinstalled. And Im not so good modeler.
  18. Hey guys, can someone send me those models so I can put them together in one big map?