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  1. Like everyone else: Have patience please. Everybody is working as best as they can to get the mod ready, hoping without many or even 0 bugs. So stop posting these request to release it before they say its ready. These guys don't have all the time to make this mod. Just let them finish when it is ready please.
  2. They can use compressed air (not the shuttle/Apollo ones)
  3. There are some flying cars but they don't hover on magnets and they don't have the agility that the cars have in the movie
  4. They probably use pitot tubes. Or GPS for speed measuring.
  5. It is possible due to the modification of the car that it's using a different spot on the car for measuring speed. like how to measure the speed in mid-air while in hover-mode.
  6. the last one i know the answer: the speedo measures the rpm of the universal joint and because the rear wheel tyres are spinning the speedo measures the speed as they would travel normal, and the fakt that the tyres are still spinning faster than car is it accelerate towards Marty and Doc its still measuring the speed from the universal joint.
  7. Ver nicely done! The particle looks more like it's from the movie.
  8. Please stop complaining, they are all trying to make a better DeLorean model and it is in fact better than the previous one!!!
  9. I was wondering if the cops won't arrest you because the half neighbourhood is sleeping and you are holding a strange device.
  10. it will cause the game engine to be overloaded with useless data in wich will cause instability for gameplay and stress to your pc hardware to deal with the data
  11. It even happend twice! I wonder wat would hapen if they gave Roger Rabbit Jack Daniels instead of a double Bourbon.
  12. I like the boost feature especially when you are driving up walls!
  13. Ironic, because the actor was shown in the picture was actaully Christopher Lloyd.
  14. The changes you make in the altered present doesn't affect the timeline only if you change it in the past from the point the timeline changed. small question to dragon King:is your avatar from the movie 'Who framed Roger Rabbit'?
  15. So you play Minecraft too!! I thought i was the only one. and by the way that's cool wat you just build, i just don't have the patience to build that and specially to mine the recources.
  16. but there was a bttf hill valley multiplayer game
  17. I hope there will be a multiplayer feature in the game so that you can time travel with somebody else
  18. Too bad because it was helpfull in the game
  19. that the players could see the flux capacitor in action as it is in real life
  20. sorry, i didn't notice but inside the car would be possible ?
  21. When you sent two vehicles in time you need two time receivers for each vehicle or the game crashes
  22. i mean you can see it fluxing inside the car when you are looking behind and on the train on the front
  23. In the game you have a modelled Flux capacitor in the car and on the train,but is it possible to make it flux when you turn the time circuits on and flash during time travel