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  1. BTTF Part IV By: Brandon Grisham -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You see the ending for bttf 3 and then you see this: THE END (is displayed). Fades. OR IS IT? (is displayed). Fades. A clock starts ticking. Wednesday, March 4th, 2015, 7.25pm. (is displayed). Int. McFly Household. The camera fixes on an old fashioned clock with a man dangling from the hands. The camera pans around the sitting room to reveal Marty Senior (47) and Jennifer (47) who are sitting watching television. They no longer live in Hilldale as in Back to the Future part II. Instead they live in a large fairly expensive house. It is also noticeable that 2015 as depicted in Back to the Future part II when Marty, Doc & Jennifer visited, isn’t as futuristic as it was. Marty is a retired Rockstar, and the camera pans around the room showing platinum discs, Rolling Stone magazine and other such awards are dotted around the room. The camera moves to show Marty looking at the old photograph he has with Doc standing by the Courthouse clock in 1885. MARTY SENIOR Can you believe Jen, its 2015 already? I mean the time’s gone so quick since Doc left in the train with his family. I really thought he would’ve come back to live in the present. JENNIFER Well, you remember all that trouble with the FBI over the missing plutonium and those awful terrorists back in 1985. You had one hell of a job shaking them off. Doc would’ve probably have been arrested if he came back to live in this time. MARTY SENIOR Maybe he thought it was for the best. Anyway I don’t think Clara would’ve felt at home a hundred years ahead of her time, and Doc always dreamt of living in the old west. I wonder how it all turned out for him. Things certainly made a difference without him today. The time we visited 2015 back then there were flying cars and all sorts. Doc must have been a major influence or invented something pretty big in that alternative reality to have made it so futuristic. JENNIFER Look at us then Marty, our lives turned out completely different. If it weren’t for you avoiding that awful accident with the Rolls Royce in 1985, we’d have been living in Hilldale. We would’ve married in the Chapel of Love! Imagine that? MARTY SENIOR Don’t even think about it. I’d have never been as successful as I was. JENNIFER You would’ve injured your hand and never played guitar again. MARTY SENIOR The thought of that makes me shudder. JENNIFER More importantly, we’d have only had two kids. We wouldn’t have had much money and struggled by bringing the two of them up. If it wasn’t for your rock career, we never would’ve had Scott. He’d never have even been born. MARTY SENIOR Life without Scott? Geez Jen that would’ve been so different. Where are the kids anyway? JENNIFER Marlene’s at her friends doing her homework and Junior and Scott should be in their rooms doing there’s. MARTY SENIOR I’m gonna go check on Scott, I bet he’s playing that damn video game again. Marty heads to the door. Int. Scott’s bedroom. Posters of skateboarders and rockstars are on the wall. There is a skateboard leaning against the wall. Scott (15) is sitting on his bed playing his video game as Marty suspected. He’s playing a flight simulator game and is really good at it. After several moments of Scott cursing and making the usual sounds you make playing a video game, Marty enters the room. MARTY SENIOR I knew it Scott, playing that damn game again. Why aren’t you doing your homework? SCOTT Aw Dad… MARTY SENIOR Come on son, you know how much your grades are slipping; I don’t want to see another report like the one you got last semester. Get on with it. SCOTT I can’t, my laptop is malfunctioning. MARTY SENIOR Can’t you use you palmtop? SCOTT It takes too long to use that. MARTY SENIOR You’ve still gotta do your homework; it’s not an option. I’ll go and get my laptop; you can do it on that. SCOTT Aww. Marty goes off to fetch his laptop. Scott gets up, switches his game off, picks up a school bag and takes the work he needs to do out of it. Marty soon returns with the laptop and gives it to Scott. MARTY SENIOR Now get on with it. No excuses, I’m gonna check on you shortly to make sure you’re doing it. Marty turns and leaves the room and Scott pulls a face. Int. living room. Jennifer has prepared drinks. Marty enters the room and takes his drink. MARTY SENIOR Cheers Jen, he’s hard work sometimes. What were you saying about him not even being born? JENNIFER You wouldn’t have him any other way Marty, he’s just like you were at his age. Int. Scott’s room. Scott plays around with his dad’s laptop. Instead of getting on with his homework he’s snooping around his dad’s files. He finds a folder called “Personal”. He clicks it open and finds another folder called “Do not open until 2016”. Scott looks round to see if anybody’s coming in the room and opens it inquisitively. The folder opens and reveals a file called “My journeys back to the future by Marty McFly”. Scott scrolls down and sees words like “1955”, “Doc” and “Time Machine” and illustrations of DeLorean cars and Flux Capacitors. SCOTT This looks interesting… Scott looks round again to see if anybody’s coming and proceeds to copy the file onto his palmtop computer. Fade into opening credits. Back to the Future Part IV logo appears on the screen to the Back to the Future theme tune. Thats just the begining of it, but I hope you liked it. __________________ BAGRISHAM"S TUTORIALS IS ON YOUTUBE! LOOK IT UP!
  2. What is 0.2f car updater?