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  1. But I know I need to pass the car models from pc to ps2 There are differences between the models. dff and. txd between ps2 and pc P.S. Ehm,I've tried searching on google
  2. I wanted to ask if you can switch the Delorean in the ps2 version of gta vc or other cars mod
  3. to me when I try to download anything from the site http://backtothefut.3dn.ru/ I click on the download button does not work and I get a message "javascript / /" I can not see this page, check that the web address res :/ / ieframe.dll / Dnserror.htm # is correct.
  4. I know I did not work and I replaced with unused objects is just to have a map of hill valley that I worked i'm sorry
  5. here the new video with new building and new Street https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxExSuDw1B4&feature=youtu.be
  6. I completed the other buildings of hill valley with new collision file But there are things to fix EDIT: BUG FIXED now I'm starting the other buildings
  7. you've used that model but I had to redo the collision file to 0 because it continually gave no error and I was fine with that mod. Thanks BTTFModMachine
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8h7yuOlMmQ&feature=youtu.be here the my video (DAY and NIGHT)
  9. thanks for all your mods are great BTTFModMachine
  10. I solved it in the end I replaced an object (CJ_wheelchair.dff) the wheelchair with the clock tower and it worked I also replaced the collision files of the wheelchair with the clock tower and it worked: D Thanks for the advice now I have to make a script that changes my second year at the clocktower in the meantime I go I end up Hill Valley
  11. Unfortunately, I think it is because the model always tells me "Error: Failure loading file collision" so I need a new model I think this is the cause of the error and perhaps even the IPL then both I just can not put the clock tower I do not know maybe it's a problem of the collision file not know helppppp
  12. many attempts nothing and always the same error or IPL is the IPL or is the model I do not know what to do