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  1. Really? Everytime I tried it wouldn't let, maybe I was doing something wrong
  2. Because Hill Valley was brought up from previous instalments where in which the white line is there and the clock goes off so you know when to go, I felt it was relevant, if not then my bad
  3. What I did was use the manual installer and instead of letting it make it's own folder I changed the destination to my GTA game folder. With the auto installer that won't work, it's allow you to change the destination of the folder.
  4. In 2f I'd like to know where the line is so that I can get the hook scene right when the clock tower gets struck, no clock went off either
  5. Okay got it thanks. 2 more questions, where is the luxor taxi, I'm guessing in 2015 but is it put anywhere specifically? And 1885, is that where the locomotive is?
  6. The month part specifically? I can do the time and year, but not sure how to change the month and date, like if I wanted it to go to...June the 9th? Do I press 09 06? I know it's a bug or anything but this was the only part of the forum I could think of that could help
  7. Didn't work, keep getting unhandled exception
  8. Okay I'll try that, thanks. Before, I did try the manual install but it still crashed but every time I opened the game I got 'Unhandled exception'
  9. Might give that a go, haven't tried that yet, there are a few errors during installation, like it can't write a file or two I think it is but it can still carry on with the installation. It's always on the 1955 square load
  10. Yeah, it's a normal version and it worked with the 2E R2 version but for some reason it doesn't like 2F, without fail it'll crash every time at the same point of loading
  11. Whenever I press 'new game' it starts loading then it stops and I get a message saying 'GTAVC.exe' has stopped working. Any way to fix this? I'm on a laptop with windows 10, this also happens on my PC which has Windows 9 if that helps. This is with the 2F release, and the update.
  12. Really? I got it working pretty quickly, though I think I did some bits wrong maybe...like the spray 'n' paint is still called that...dunno if that name was meant to change...but yeah everything worked well. It's kinda weird cause when you see the posters far away they are what they were originally then you get closer and they change to the new ones in this add on. But yeah I enjoyed it.
  13. I gave it a go and thought it was pretty good, first time I killed myself on purpose just so I could see 'erase from existence.'
  14. Yeah it was there, the sand on the beach and the people there makes it a real b**ch to get to 88 miles before hitting the screen
  15. Oh yeah I know I've seen it, by the construction site...I saw it whilst flying the BTTF2 delorean a while back, I was like 'too bad thats not on the beach.'
  16. Do you know where abouts on the north beach or is it pretty easy to find? Yes thank you But if it goes wrong...I will hold you responsible, find you and hang you by your intestines lol I kid...or do I
  17. Ahhhh thanks, shoulda guessed, that one looked pretty cool as well
  18. BTTF RR? Whats that? For me probably the third car, I dunno why but I liked that look, 2 and 3 looked awesome of course but 3 I liked the most
  19. Unstable...you're talking about 2e I'm guessing. So just move the sign? Sounds simple enough, thanks for the advice. So how do I use moo map or whatever it is?
  20. Oh ok thanks for the info. So the first release of 2e had that in it? Is 2e usable or are the bugs really that bad?
  21. I've seen other clips from members, seems to be a different hill valley. What are fraps? Sorry I'm kinda new to this kinda stuff