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  1. There'd be no way to set a speed limit while the time circuits are on?
  2. On this note, I think that when you have the time circuits on, the max speed you can go is 88 mph. But when you turn them off, you can hit top speed. This might mess up the timing for the clocktower run by a little bit, but I think it'd be more movie accurate that you hit the wire at exactly 88 mph instead of 92 or so.
  3. Not to sound negative or anything, but if there isn't that much coding space available anymore, whats the point in having a coding request thread? Are we just going to swap out old ideas for new ones?
  4. Ah, figured it had something to do with that. Well, would it be possible to have the rain and everything start back up at 10:05 and go on straight till at least the next day? That way it'd give some time for the fire trails to disappear?
  5. Gonna have to go with the BTTF2 Delorean. It can fly and has Mr. Fusion
  6. What do you mean they stop because of the fire trails? Do you mean its something in the code? Cause as far as the movie goes, when Marty arrives at Doc's Mansion, its raining pretty hard, straight till the next morning. I dont think it'd make much sense to stop the storm right at 10:04, unless it has something to do with the code. Not to mention that it was that way in 0.2d. And as far as the hoverboard in the Deloreans, I agree. Only the BTTF2, BTTF3 and BTTF3 w/ railroad wheels should have the hoverboard in them. That is, if this would even be possible.
  7. Plus, I dont recall Marty carrying the hoverboard on his back
  8. Yeah, it would need a special spawn code, but I was refering to the hoverboard being modeled in to the passenger side and disappearing when the hoverboard was spawned, kind of like the hook being modeled on.
  9. Would there be a way to make it so that there is a little hoverboard model in the passenger area of the Delorean, and when you walk around to the passenger side door and press the action button, the door opens, and a rideable hoverboard appears next to it while the model inside the Delorean disappears? Kind of like the hook on the part 1 Delorean.
  10. Thats not movie accurate though . But, you could do it yourself by editing some of the script files to make it the way you want it.
  11. Time travel with any of the Deloreans. They'll be different. You can especially notice the difference in wormholes with the Back to the Future III Delorean and the DMC-13