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  1. Its just that I wanna be able to fly **MPh with the car tillted upward like in the movie. but it cant even reach 20 tillted upward (18MPH tilted upward)
  2. I think its slow and has bad ecceleration. I mean come on were talking bout 2015 technology but we can onlu go 92 MPH
  3. Probubly not. It just means someone else is going to have to figure out the codding language and code the game.
  4. Scince mods have already started for the PC Version of GTA IV,why not start a discussion on what we will do first for the new GTA IV BTTF Hill Valley 0.1. Car Models,Scripts,??? So on and so forth
  5. Just Say KI3T when your talking about the Knights Industries Three thousand. and KITT for the original SuperCar
  6. Who cares its a videogame. we just need a blip to help us. for example just because real cars need fuel dosent mean we cant have an unlimited amount in video games. so I think the "actuall BTTF:TR didnt have a blip to find Biff" is going a little overboard.
  7. Hey guys on the BTTF:The Ride mission can you add a blip for Biff so you don't fail the mission so easily.
  8. Personally, Im tired of the"0.2" series. I think we should start of with all 3 DeLoreans instead of two. So why not start the next version with GTA BTTF 0.3!