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  1. well the video memory is not my problem it is the processor This is what I have CPU : AMD Athlon™ 2650e processor (1.6GHz, 512KB L2 cache) Operating System : Genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic Chipset : NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150SE Memory : 2048MB DDR2 (2 × 1024MB) Expandable to 4GB 2 DDR2 slots (total), 0 DDR2 slots (available) Hard Drive : 160GB SATA II (7200rpm)1 Video : NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150SE integrated graphics Up to 128MB of shared video memory But It can run Sims 3 with advanced rendering, so I know it can be pushed
  2. when i thought i was coming out for 360 i changed the post to avoid being called an "butthead" well it looks like either way i was screwed here was the original post I had The predicted minimum system requirements for the first game from Gamesystemrequirements.info. *OS: Windows XP/ Windows Vista/ Windows 7 *Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHz / AMD Sempron 3600+ *Memory Ram: 1 Gb *Hard Disk Space: 2 Gb *Video: nVidia GeForce 6800 Series 128MB / ATI Radeon X800 GT *Sound Card: DirectX Compatible *DirectX: 9 *Keyboard / Mouse Are You Kidding ME?!?!?!!? I need a computer with the power of playing COD: Black Ops just to play BTTF?!?!?!?!!? my computer gets 1.9GHz tops IT has the Video Memory, the HDD space etc all but the Processor. DAMNIT!!!!!!! BTTF is no reason to go buy a PS3, what does Telltale have against Microsoft? Why don't they release on Xbox 360? Is it because they think it will not sell well on a 360? Trust me if you announce to the world that you're gonna make/release a GOOD Back To The Future Game, on the first week it releases, it would sell more then Monday Night Combat did in a whole Month. or Are they afraid that people are gonna pirate the Xbox 360 version of the game? I got bad news for Telltale They might as well make the game a PS3 exclusive then, cause People are more likely gonna pirate it for the PC/MAC Version then a Console Version. If Telltale wanted to Give BTTF to ALL the Fans they would release it to all Consoles: Wii, Xbox 360 and the PS3!
  3. I am definitely getting this for the Xbox 360 I know now that the game is not coming to the Xbox 360. I made a rant about the PC Version that I quickly edited cause I thought it was coming out for Xbox 360. But since I found confirmation and have been told here that there is no plans for a XBLA release of BTTF I reposted the rant 2 posts down.
  4. I was not 100% sure about stretched page loading, My computer is not a high end pc like Alien Ware but it is an overall decent PC (It can run Sims 3 with advanced rendering) and I have a pretty good internet connection. I was just speaking for the ppl with a slow comp with slow internet
  5. After coming across the funniest BTTF Picture I've seen I Just had to post it here to see what people think. I might as well make this grounds for a Post "You Doctored Funny Image" for BTTF. Also If you do participate in this please put you're image within a "spoiler" code, helps reduce page length, and may speed up load times for people with slow PC's. SPOILER:
  6. did the design team re-release or will re-release Hill Valley 0.2e without the Hill Valley Map So the Game Is More Stable?
  7. i thinks so and I am All for having the on/off options for cops and guns and all but there is one thing you not gonna do and that is make the mod canceled for VC and change it over to SA
  8. aww just keep the friken cops in the game make you own unique storylines. make it nore interesting "Seriously guys, do you want a 17-year old to wield weapons (he did used a gun once, but never to kill a person) and get chased heavily by police whom the police wanted dead or alive?" yes it would be funny and interesting have him go up to biff and say "F-You" and slice his head off with a chainsaw Now thats funny laides and gentlmen
  9. alright who's the 3 people who just signed their own death warrents? only joking laides and gentlemen who would want the wanted levels removed anyway i can see what they're going there with this cause Marty never got in trouble with the cops in the movie. But i mean comon you know how boring it would be without cops to chase Marty. I would have more fun watching a dog take a diarrhea dump on a highway then to play the game without cops
  10. If they do that at the game's current state it'll be no point. there's no point i mean how much of Hill Valley was shown in the movies Not too much To put this in a better way Let Go Back to Grand Theft Auto 3 For a Minute If you axe off Vice City and just keep Hill Valley Itself, even after the final product is released Hill Valley would at most be the size of Portland or Staunton Island. I say Keep Vice City and Hill Valley It'll be like an Expasion Pack for Vice City. Do I Have to Make another Petition folks? also what happened to the Helicopters in the game i only see the Police Chopper in wanted level 4 (cause the levels jump 3 levels from level 1 to level 4)
  11. I hear that the BTTF: Hill Valley is gonna soon be removed of Wanted Levels meaning no more Cops After Marty, that makes things a lot less fun I am Starting a Petition To Tell The Creators to Keep The Wanted Levels in BTTF: Hill Valley' If you want to keep the Wanted Status Just Reply only with you name (Siginture) saying Keep The Wanted Levels in the game In order for your name to be added you have to post ur name Petition Signers (as of Dec. 30 2008) --------------------------- JOHN007 Futureman Blue JohnyMan crazyjointje Tyrell angeloelibz24
  12. i downloaded TimeTrain's BTTF Character Skin Pack and extracted them i looked in the folder and they were all Jpeg images i copy/paste them into my skins folder and fired up the game and they are not selectable how do i fix this problem cause when i normally play 0.2e and when Marty dies/gets arrested he transforms back into Tommy
  13. what th- *boom* i had a video on a previous account and they deleted it what nerve