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  1. I think my ideas are rubbish, well, hopefully that will give me a good idea, but I think everything possible and this added to the mod. PS: I do not need Translates, is my problem and I don't want to bother you
  2. Well, first, my battery is damaged and I have only one charger (and 2 notebooks), I not can give answers right away, please forgive me. Now, my idea is: that there were characters (the head of the school, jennifer, others) give us missions and if possible, in the end of all the missions we use the skin of the character, but not only are of the first movie, there's a BTTF (characters 1985, 1955 (before of the almanac)) BTTF 2 (2015 characters, 1985 A, 1955 (after the almanac and before traveling to 1885)) and BTTF 3 (1955 characters (I think it would exist only one mission, where they discover and delorean use to go to 1885), 1885. do not think there mission in 1985 after of burning the almanac). hopefully it is possible P.S.: Do not think you can do to 0.2F or do you?
  3. I had been warned, I speak Spanish but I think only English in the forum or not?, well what the topic, maybe I'm not the team but have read, which is full of codes (for the Libyan say something, it records, then is replaced by any sound of GTA VC and finally using codes to tell at some point), also perhaps say in advance or may give a "crash" and close the entire game, which already is happening to me when they appear the Libyans. carlos sorry but I think it is much text to translate Translating... lo siento carlos pero creo que es mucho texto para traducir
  4. Hello, seeing the film (BTTF3) gave me the idea of exist a garage where this parked the train and is close of the Hill Valley station of 1885 (not that change the whole map, but as another map or elsewhere) but the train exist until September 7, 1885 which is when falls into the ravine. Hopefully it is possible. I apologize for bad writing, I'm a bit sick in the head (I have flu)
  5. Do you remember I was looking for the car? something really weird happened today, I was watching the effects of BTTF 3 and was closed, so I went back inside and try to open the train and the (***********) car appeared (I think I went out post, I apologies) good in order to help all other newbies like me, the key to call is Shift+C (away from the train) (the combination to open the train). Finally, I have a problem or rather a doubt, by pressing the ctrl does not shoot anything until give me an error, and another thing, you can not fly or what?
  6. SORRY. This is extreme, I think I have two days looking for kitt and can not find it to be more the case, all delorean can use the function of DELOREAN DMC-13 HEHE. just a doubt, is so important to put and I could not find him, I did not put. but at least I like the bug I said before (the function of the DMC 13). and sorry for all my mistakes I made in this post
  7. That is painful but the earthquake is worse, the UK airport is closed, but the airport of chile is destroyed, the volcano emits warning, but the quake comes without advertence (besides it was night, I was awake was 3 : AM, concon is over 200 km of the epicenter, which was 8.8 degrees (apparently liked BTTF HAHA)) but good not we part of the post, almost happy I'm all alone I can not find the little car, but what is promised promised, I have to not disturb EDIT: which should put the buttons (for those who did not play before with KITT, or if there is another combination and the location of KITT. to believe it or not, even last 1 hour and I'm looking
  8. I feared that I would say that, but there are other ideas such as freezing, the flux capasitor or the SID (the panel behind the seat)
  9. well, forget my example, the error is the movement and the clones of the characters, that's it, I always write something great and I never understand
  10. well, this idea occurred to me after watching this video
  11. looks great but there are problems, if they want to do this on special dates (eg NOV/12/1955) should not have cars because the main problem is that GTA: PC handles the car imagining all, if leave your course, he try again on his way, then lose all speed and not to travel or do not arrive on time. if they do on the road as was the main idea, there will be more than 2 trains / DeLoreans at the same time and may be handled by another person (I call this shadow clones) I hope you understand me
  12. Well, believe it or not, I found the solutions as promised not oppresseth more with these issues, and grim, very few are free, I have a lot of work with respect to presentations, this mod, and repair of all chile after 02/27/2010 earthquake, in fact I think you are freeman (but me )
  13. well I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but only one answer to ask a question and nothing else, I will find my problem from here forward. the sanny builder referred labeled not found?, where is that label and / or which must be repaired. I asked for help with the F1, but says nothing to help. and again I apologize for any inconvenience EDIT: I did a search on this issue, edit MODE_KITT to MODEKITT but leaves the same. the only I know, is a file that is not found in GTA Vice City. and that is my question (what to do with this error? and will not let me COMPILE)
  14. my problem was: "Label "MODE_KITT" not found." how I can fix? I follow everything as it should. should think that I am the man with the problem or the "NOOB"
  15. how rare that is "misconfigured" but I change to gimme01 good and now I get "Label" MODE_KITT "not found" but referred to by that??, is a file or a word of SCM?? as marty said, is strong
  16. thanks all good except it when compiling, it says it is too long GIMME_01 maximum 07 characters or something. Quick question is: I do? edit, cancel, or do nothing?
  17. mmmm, I think not, and how is that done?, the only time I use a sanny builder program was to set a button of a CLEO FILE is much easier and I using a tutorial ¬ ¬. I searched in the functions but there is nothing in VC mode or something
  18. I have no great knowledge on this, but my problem is not bananas, are the codes, all codes is not found, even the word DELOREAN is not find, so ask edit the MAIN.SCM or even create a SCM file?? thanks in advance
  19. sorry for my clumsy, is that sometimes do not accept the sanny. but I'm still the same error codes are not, say (this in Spanish on my installation) ¡No se encontro nada! ¿quieres volver a buscar? (In English should be: not found anything! Do you want again?), Do you edit the main or another file? is that I really like to have the bananas
  20. Plz help, I'm in the first step but can not find anything, not if the file will be correct but is the only (the main.scm) edit the post with the mission builder and the 0.2e version is the first, if I try find the code tells me "not found $ FLYINGbananas match = -1 / / integer values", I read everything and I do, the game is original, with the mod downloaded from here. in the beginning get an error that says: "Unknow Data type (separator): Eh 03A4 Opcode addreses: 000179D6 " and "Size 4 first Segments: Max 132.860 225.512 ..." and if not too much trouble, can spend a publisher allan used and that works for the bananas thanks in advance Edit: and sorry if this is not going here
  21. thanks, and if not so much trouble, you show me some tutorial or post with some steps?
  22. the problem is that the closed without any noise, no sign, nothing. the strange thing is that loads all right, I can be all one hour in the main house (jhonsson house) but if I go into the street, spend 6 seconds and cuts me off. 3 months ago I spent about the same and I went out the error screen and said it was the d3d9.dll, GTA is total original (bought in www.zmart.cl) V1.0 and can not be problem gambling because if I play in the BTTF HV minimod 0.1.1. else that may be important, as said you need the CLEO, I set it up as follows: CLEO CORE: ASI loader (by listener) CLEO Plugins: GXT Hook; SCMLog v1.0.5 Example scripts: nothing that's all, hopefully that can help me.
  23. ups, sorry, I was looking, you may need to reconfigure my browser, or search for synonyms will need more luck to post and sorry for the inconvenience
  24. hello. I will not say "i'm new" again, I get tired of saying it I do not know if it's for lack of time to activate, but in the film to reach the 88 MPH (140 KM / H) are activated the effect. in the game is activated in around the 81 MPH (130 KM / H approximately) are activated, it would be a nice touch for the next version, right? that's all, greetings edit: sorry for putting the wrong title, I think is a bug in my current browser, the original name is "the activation time of the effects"