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  1. That'll be $174.50. I'd be careful old-timer, this is a rough neighborhood....."
  2. question is ... would it flip around dates every few seconds when your car is damaged & smoking? That would take a little bit of coding room I am sure ... but it would have to only change to what? Like 3-4 diff times and then cycle thru them (repetively) so as not to take up to much room?
  3. Yeah, after teh clocktower scene (1955 lightning), it would be neat to throw in that little 10-15 second clip of Doc screaming!
  4. I personally agree with iMaster .... but regardless ... in the words of Alternate 1985 Marty (at the chalkboard): "SONOFA b**ch !!!" (stole my idea?) LOL
  5. Is that a skin at the top post for SA ... or is this saber over in VC too?
  6. MIKE ... haha! I was looking for this game again. Couldn't remember the blasted title. Now all I needta do is find that old time travel-ish game for PC from the mid 90's that used Brent Spiner's voice (Star Trek TNG's "Data" for you non-Trekkies) as one of the main characters.
  7. So wait ... is MP being brought back? or is this for future mods? i was unaware v3 was being released ... i thought with everyone abandoning the site ... it was dying out altogether? I wanted to be a sound programmer/radio station creator ... but never heard back since the site "Heads" changed around & Del left.
  8. everyone should be allowed one flub in here ... god knows i've made mine ... in the past.
  9. I'm surprised nobodies heard from Kristen Sheley for the longest time. she's probably floating around on Facebook (or so I'd assume)? anyways, I joined the FB page. w00t !!!
  10. So I guess there'd be no chance yet to get a ZIP/RAR pack of the models done so far for the houses or buildings, is there? But hey ... even if they get the fixes to what's wrong now & the BIGGEST one being the lockup, movie accuracy for the future is fine.
  11. wait ... BTTF-HV on "Steam"? this would blow the lid off the game if it works ..
  12. and this file goes where exactly?