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  1. Yep be sure to ge in an out of each delorean you want to control first
  2. Well that was not meant to happen i must have forgot to comment it out
  3. The hoverboard automatically floats it has never flown
  4. hahahahahhahahahahahahaha guys the d3d8.dll is the time circuits
  5. actually i'm thinking about making the UI all in the cars none on screen. but the game will be sandbox , third person like gta
  6. really high poly collision, the map wasn't ready for a release but we couldnt keep people waiting any longer
  7. we turned it off on the dmc 12, was a very long conversation about it. just cause this mod isn't being finished doesn't mean parts of it are being used in hill valley and the new game.
  8. It's infinate you'd know this if you read the readme
  9. Fun things to do in bttflc travel to Nov 12 1955 10:03 PM and watch the clock tower get struck by lightning travel to december and play in the snow enable the peds riot and peds have weapons cheat and fly over the city watching the A.I. ReEnact BTTF scenes duh CHEATS PARTYYYYY makes it rain confetti RAINBOOOOW i think this was for carcols MEMORYINTENSIVETIMECIRCUITS MARTYMCFLY character swap CLAUDESPEED character swap DOCBROWN characterswap GHOSTTOWN removes cars and peds YOUCANTTOUCHTHIS I don't remember what this does SANANDREASTOWINGSERVICES spawns a tow truck to pull around cars EQUALISER makes the status indicator display work with music EQUALIZER makes the status indicator display work with music YOUMEANTHISSUCKERISNUCLEAR bttf1 spawn WHEREWEREGOINGWEDONTNEEDROADS bttf2 spawn UNFORTUNATELYTHECARWILLNEVERFLYAGAIN bttf3 spawn UNLESSWEPUs**tUPTOEIGHTYEIGHTMILESPERHOUR rail road bttf3 spawn IFYOUREGOINGTOBUILDATIMEMACHINEDOITWITHSOMESTYLE dmc 12 spawn PERFECTHANDLING MONSTERS monster truck wheels BIGHEADS MUSICVIDEO spawns peds around the car and leaves the coils lit like the huey lewis video POLAR takes polaroid photos
  10. reinstall gta3 this is not a problem with BTTF-LC, you are missing something from miles sound system
  11. beats me those are the last ones that were in the copy before the purge
  12. View File BTTF: Liberty City Version 1.1B controls are in the readme just install right over gta III Alternate download link 1.1B Installer Submitter ~Leaf~ Submitted 11/05/15 Category Back To The Future: Liberty City
  13. Version 1.1B


    controls are in the readme just install right over gta III Alternate download link 1.1B Installer
  14. Version 1.1A


    controls are in the readme this rar file includes the 1.1 patch and the missing DLL add the patch and DLL before installing! Alternate download links 1.1A Installer patch and needed DLL
  15. http://www.moddb.com/mods/back-to-the-future-hill-valley/addons a few radio stations can be found here
  16. Try changing the resolution in a fresh gta3.exe
  17. ~Leaf~

    Arvark's models

    Should be yes, dont worry about double posts in your own topic
  18. update! http://www.moddb.com/mods/back-to-the-future-liberty-city/downloads/back-to-the-future-liberty-city-v11b#downloadsform hype! watch the clock :3
  19. ~Leaf~

    Arvark's models

    well you already mapped them in the modeling program yes?