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  1. 0609 but you need a year for a valid entry so it'd be like 06091955-
  2. right..... you know its almost exactly the same right.....
  3. I do believe you are missing my exe from the 2f release as the hud is all the crappy colours
  4. It really doesnt matter where we put it eventually its going to replace vice city
  5. All the 12 year olds have now locked their door and are looking for this car
  6. Gta's awful replay system, i remember specifically hacking that out of the game in lc, fun thing i did the other day in hv, open the truck and climb on the ramps when it gors up then replay, since the models moving are building models they wont be loaded and your character will float up and down
  7. i dont think we use gta3.img for that car anymore
  8. i'll take a look at the movie and make sure the number and add that number to the list of things for next update
  9. i dont think it has to do with lightning its completely because the time circuit control drive was replaced with time circuit control tubes
  10. make sure install folder is not read only
  11. makes me wanna build one but alas i am too lazy
  12. this is called motion blur, it's a special hidden feature of bttflc that can be turned off by turning trails off in the gta 3.exe menu
  13. What i meant to say is null is such a vague placeholder that it technically shouldnt work but seeing as it does theres probably a tiny flaw in your code that is corrupting the script that you are overlooking
  14. try pressing enter near another car he should try to drop it and get in the other car, if all else fails i remember something about using the h button outside of the car but we may have omitted that too
  15. i imagine there must be a way to set a buildings coordinates via the scm instead of trying to load into null, i dont think more than one thing can be loaded into null
  16. if i ever get around to writing the math for past selves then it'll be done later, but i'm lazy so i probably wont
  17. it's ok the bttf3 car bugs me too cause for a split second in the drive in scene the flux bands were leather straps which i thought were cool
  18. It will be in the downloads section of the forums the download contains mostly bug fixes and more buildings Pictures of your work are appreciated
  19. A simple version of what mini me said is we use special opcodes that your sanmy builder cant read, the next version of hv on the 12th your sanny builder will be able to read, please wait until the 12th, download the mod and open the main.txt we will provide not the scm