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  1. Looks like Ziero is taking my role at being an ASS HOLE! ,I happen to like his model it seens to have potential in the modeling of something different that they haven't already done,I'd like to see more of your work,try and model something else
  2. hahha ....idk i might ,you cant even get the original working
  3. cant be any worse then mine edit: nvm his is twice as big
  4. nope cant have my graphics card,thanks for the support,the animations are inccluded in SAiVC edit: and i have know idea about the requirements bulls**t i had to fix everything you try to throw a f***ing scm in there it will crash!
  5. didn't someone promise to jump off the empire state building if it was a joke?,i'm still waiting for that
  6. I have been working on this for about a week Started from beta 1 and made my way up to 0.2d ,0.2e is still in progress of being converted. heres a preview:
  7. i see, well thanks for the brief history lesson
  8. i figured it was just april fools ... because you f**kers would have wrapped the mod up if it did die
  9. man this might make me leave (again) as well....
  10. yes but i don't care about anything...
  11. wth does that have to do with anything? and theres a thing called edit
  12. i can code , nothing like blue can but i know how,ziero can code too
  13. i think the real question here is...do we still get 2f?
  14. wheres the spirit! why stop when they say they are doing it better! did ziero stop when they took his idea for a random code? no he didnt did i stop when i was told it was impossible to add particles into the game? no i didnt so why should you stop doing this ? if you enjoy it dont let anyone else tell you any different
  15. what was wrong with the handling we already had?