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    or like.... never also that topic you bumped was from 2009
  2. so i cant tell what you are trying to do exactly but my guess is you are attempting a bttf:lc and making your own mod thats a copy of hill valley but supposed to be (in your mind) better than it's counterpart?
  3. so remember when I said this project was going to go very slow? well heres a small update, we've been trying out things in unity for model importing, and finally found a format we like, so heres a shot of unitychan looking at the new city she likes it, and we think it's pretty cool too so next when i get off my lazy butt, i'll probably test to see if this thing can run on my android tablet
  4. i wouldnt advise calling admins names
  5. thats how video games work, this isn't a 3d realism demonstration video, every video game uses low poly models and high quality textures. for reference highest poly model in gta iv is the annihilator which is 5,000 poly
  6. not anymore they cant, causes crashing when they decide to time travel @hscitpe i had the same experience except before the construction worker there was a black guy that yelled "motha f--ker stole my time machine" i couldnt stop laughing
  7. not a fan of those corona looking things on the ground when landing, other than that it's looking very nice
  8. well this has now been fixed
  9. what the hell do we need money for anyways
  10. I never had the urge to meet people from bttf but ive met some writers from ponies so thats cool
  11. i liked them, at the time they were gorgeous, they are such low detail they'd be great on a table :3
  12. there are 3 blood particles just check their images\ technically 4 but the 4th works (tire tracks)