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  1. 1 why are you trying to leave the car the moment you re enter don't do that it's just stupid 2 T for train
  2. Well first of all time circuits aren't going to show up on a DMC 12 second try hitting the bracket key or quote key I don't remember which one
  3. The 04 delorean doesn't exist right now but will be added back eventually
  4. Here's an idea upload your files somewhere not sketchy as hell
  5. thats some great photos there if only we could see them
  6. This is mildly amusing how you keep changing your mind on what this is I'll give you a few pointers if you want to make something better than hill valley Make your code from scratch entirely Scm is not a fast scripting language thus why flux bands lag on older PCs we used c++ for lc Innovate and make something new that hasnt been done Never tell people or let people tell you something is impossible or can't be done in gta especially blue he has no idea what he is talking about .....ever Make your models as low poly as you can Detailed textures are a yes Detailed collision is a no
  7. do me a favor, uninstall everything, install vc, then go to c:/program files/rockstar games/ right click grand theft auto vice city and go to properties uncheck read only then click apply and ok install hill valley and see if the game works
  8. keep in mind anything in a future renderware is possible in previous engines as i've proven this plenty of times however no, that is not canon to the movies and we will not be adding it as a time machine, if i get around to coding again i may add a few things like normal parachutes tow trucks etc but its not the prime concern
  9. idk like a normal human.... great glad it helped. topic locked: user question answered last minute help: run vc like you normally would after installing using setup
  10. read the readme, watch some videos and stay away from bing search thaaaaanks~
  11. use the search tool and stop being lazy or wait for the next full patch release thaaaaaanks~
  12. use the bug tracker and be more specific thaaaaaanks~
  13. *cracks knuckles* aaaaalright, so basically vice cry has its own hacks to put all the pretties together in game, thus custom images similar to how bttflc did, and so on, if you can get around the numerous workarounds they did you maaaaay be able to get a working build of some sort, you'll also need to edit the scm manually to drop the code for hv in as we use way different startup variables etc, next thing, if vice cry even happens to have extra slots you will need to edit some ide's and a few dat files i think for our animations on the cars and add buildings IF you can manage to get that working provided you didnt give up and port 2D or animationless 2E (why did i never try animationless 2E on previous hacks...) then you can try adding our DLL and asi for keypad time circuits etc, however YOU CANNOT HAVE ENB SERIES which i'm -80% positive vice cry uses, we hack into the same things they do so keypad would be non functional if you keep it chances are they have exe edits too which we didnt do many of just extending limits soooooo good luck!
  14. basically its like trying to cook in a dirty kitchen where all the pots and pans you need are dirty as well analogy, working around things until you have no choice but to replace rockstars work and then you basically end up with either super bugs or your own coding engine.
  15. 1. that will never be fixed in scm the game has too many security checks 2. we removed the beeper system so theres no reason to have the date at the bottom 3. dmc 13 was removed as we needed the flying slot for the taxi and it was non canon 4. the ride serves no purpose and we didnt have time to reprogram the tutorial (i tried and got bored) 5. why is this here it has nothing to do with the scm you are just complaining 6 this was a gag from the beginning not a feature its easy to change kitt's spawn code, it should be in the :spawn thread or the :kitt thread
  16. are you in a skype call when running the game? skype takes priority of the keypad.
  17. no this is a seperate project not a bad idea but less gui is always better so we'll see
  18. uncheck read only when installing
  19. you can push it to 88, you just cant pull it to 88, works like the gmc value van, collision is turned off the car
  20. really with the bumping old topics!