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Status Updates posted by ~Leaf~

  1. Button's mom has got it goin on

  2. forgot to take my pills again....

    1. Thyncho88


      me too...

      I hope it does not matter what happened to me the other day

    2. ~Leaf~


      actually we probably shouldnt talk about that haha

  3. good to see you back and better then ever.

    1. ~Leaf~


      i'd like to point out this status was made before the rainbow rocks song better than ever

  4. happy b-day adam

  5. happy b-day brandon

  6. happy birth day

  7. happy birthday ash :(

  8. Happy birthday!

  9. happy birthday

  10. hey ash , keep a low profile here , Brandon, Andrew,Ziero and I will keep an eye on you.

  11. I thought you were bringing pie! you lied to meeeee

  12. I'll Always Miss You Driver.

  13. ~Leaf~

    I'll Always Remember You Jen.

  14. I'm not a filly fooler, I'm as straight as a line, well...except when I was with twilight that one time...

  15. If you can see right through this letter. Then all the tears are clearly shown. I guess it must be for the better. But I just thought I'd let you know

  16. kocher we dont ask for fans...

  17. Not sure how much help I would be with that.

  18. pure comunism.....

  19. Right you work for sega, If you actually did, then you'd be bringing back sonic x .... but even if you do work for sega your probably just a janitor...