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  1. hmm not bad also are u using enb series or xbox graphics mod
  2. you know in bttf2 when time circuts are damaged, can you make that the time circuts play up and say like january 1st 1885 like in the movie
  3. this should help it says for sa camhack but it works perfectly for vc camhack as well i had your problem and this tut fixed my problem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROoZsvV-HvU
  4. can you make a code that when you attach hoverboard on the car you can move to the side and front of the car like in the scene in bttf2 when marty tries to get the almanac from biff
  5. thecoolest2 a skyway has already been made ages ago and i got that skyway like 5,6 months ago
  6. zero great job i really want this now but i wish you release it
  7. no about refueling im talking about since it only needs 1 piece of plutonium the players hand only needs to move his hand over to refuel chamber once well can this be optional if ppl have crysis delorean until all deloreans r put in the gtasa
  8. thank you tirido for making the delorean model and thank you blue for converting to vc and sa also with refuel animation can you make the hand only move once
  9. well mike its real and the cleo code that came with it worked perfectly
  10. so does this mean that bttf mod will use cleo in the future for vc