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  1. Looks nice !!! Will this be released for 0.2f or will it be in an update for 0.2e ??
  2. You can also spawn it with Vercetti Garage Editor...it will then spawn at the Vercetti Mansion. But I wanna have it spawned at Sunshine Auto's. Where do I have to add this code that it will spawn at Sunshine Auto's ? I already know from JohnyMan that I need SannyBuilder and I got the latest version... But when I try to open the main it keeps asking me about the locotion of GTA San Andreas. But I need of course the Main.scm from Vice City ???
  3. Very nice that you've released it. Merry X-mas to you too. I did everything you said in the tutorial but where can I find the gold Delorean. Do I have to go to a specific year, era or place on the map ? Cos I can't find it...
  4. Hey Blue ! Well I don't know anything about you but by now I want to take the oppertunity to thank you for all the nice and hard work on the mod. I was a newcomer since 0.2d and I loved it. 0.2e also has a lot of nice features but it chrashed a lot more then 0.2d did. I can't wait to see what other modders and fans make for the mod...I'm not a coder myself but I want to start learning more about it in the new year. For now I can only say good luck with the new project... Merry X-mas and a happy new year !!! Greetz !
  5. Thanks Mike and U 2 Johnnyman that would be easy enough. I go try it and thanks for the time being ! Greetz !
  6. Is there a way to learn the basics somewhere ? Like an online tutorial, I realy wan't to learn about it and of course I want to use this gold delorean. Can someone help me with that in detail ? Thanks in advance ! I don't wan't to go off-topic...
  7. Ok, but I hope the download has a tutorial of how to put it in you're game since I don't know nothing about coding.
  8. Do you have to use this code first too get it into the garage or to drive with it ? Or will it be with a self-installer when you've downloaded it ?
  9. Great work Mike that's a nice X-Mas gift. But will it spawn automatic in some year at sunshine autos or will it drive on the road as a car that must be stolen in town ? Can't wait to use this one since I also got the Golden DeLorean 1:18 model from Sunstar, now I can drive it too. I look forward to other projects and too the next editions of the BTTF mod. Keep up the good work ! Greetz !