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  1. Hello everyone long time no see. I'm part of this BTTF Forever page on FB. There is some guy trying to give CD's of this mod on it and people are saying oh how else can we buy it? They are falling for it. I tried informing them that this is FREE on this site and reporting it to an admin, and the shmucks blocked me off the page and the admin blocked me after I messaged him about it. SMH! This is the page it's going on at if any of the mod devs here want to say something or report it. https://www.facebook.com/groups/BackToTheFutureForever/
  2. Very big bump, I need help with your instructions Darth, or if anyone can help Hello. IN regards to this thread you posted in You say take the KITT models from gta3, KR, knightrider.txd, etc, but the files such as KR are in the old school mod, but you are talking about the back to school mod which doesn't have that file. I've searched up and down it doesn't. I've tried just throwing 1 KITT model into a clean install without the cleos, and it causes a crash if I spawn him. Any help from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. I love how I see my Welcome to Hill Valley sign model and chico888's clocktower. SMH
  4. Surprise surprise. Sigh. I give up
  5. Since I'm in school I cannot view youtube videos right now, but it sounds great
  6. Ill try to translate this... xS I am not good with english but believe the idea dontknowarmas is not bad. Right?
  7. Very nice! Btw In school they have modeling classes so I was learning there, first its AutoCad then 3ds Next term
  8. The one who needs to grow up is you, all you have time for is just to leave nonsense comments on other peoples profiles. Now, stay off my profile

  9. On Steam, the BTTF Game is 60% off, 10 US Dollars. Ends 4 PM Pacific Standard Time Thursday
  10. Anyone seen these yet? http://mypartyshirt.com/tshirts/movie-shir...k-to-the-future
  11. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Is+Mike+a+Fool%3F
  12. Welcome, in the Images section you can see progress on the newest version of the mod, also in the modeling section of the forums, you can see the new delorean model in progress. Welcome!
  13. You should use dif pics, I believe those are your ice deloreans affects, someone can take them and release them as their own