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  1. Oh cool, what's the limit for the polys per model? I'll have a look around my old files mate and see if I can find that snack bar, I'm sure it's hanging around in the vents somewhere Ah sorry to hear about your split mate The ankle is still hurting but I can walk on it, probs be another 6 months before its back to normal lol...wish I could go back in time and not do it! Andy
  2. Ace has been busy for the last year mate. Real life etc, seems to take a hold. What with a massive overload of work, dislocated ankles and meeting the woman of my dreams, it's been an incredibly busy, challenging, yet rewarding time. I'm glad to see that things are going well here though, and progress is still being made. I would like to get involved again, if that would be ok with other members. I know I've been out of the saddle for a while, but I'm really keen to get stuck in again. Andy
  3. Look, let's not go down the road of specific people doing specific modelling tasks. We're all in this together after all, and I'm more than happy to model whatever needs done. As such, I'm going to continue with the Peabody farm, which I started some time ago. I fully intend to work with the rest of the team to decide on the best way forward; modelling by committee is not. I believe that a project like this relies on collaboration and people pooling their talents to make the best they can. Just my £2 worth. Andy
  4. Hello all! My apologies for my incredibly long absence, but unavoidable I'm afraid. However, I now have some time to put into the mod again, so if someone would be so kind to let me know what needs modelling, and I'll get on it as soon as I can. Good to be back! Andy
  5. I'd see if you can hinge them from either side and have them open outwards...not sure if this is possible; I can only remember garages opening upwards in VC.
  6. ace2029

    Doc's Garage

    Doc's garage has been completed and is in my completed models thread - see there for final version screenshots and model file. Topic closed.
  7. Doc's Garage - completed version. Model file here.
  8. ace2029


    Hiya, I think this was discussed on the old forum but I can't find it here. What version of Camhack is compatible with 0.2e? I've tried a few different versions and they all crash the game.
  9. ace2029

    Doc's Garage

    More shots... ...after progress at lunchtime...
  10. ace2029

    Doc's Garage

    More progress... Still more to do on it though...check back soon!
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    Nice vid mate, I'm liking that!! I must admit I was giggling like a kid when I pulled off the time travel run on this map the first time...feels just like the film, wondering if you're going to get to 88 before hitting the screen!! Wicked work getting it in the map mate, and the textures look ace too.
  12. ace2029

    Doc's Garage

    Yes...hence "work in progress shots"
  13. Excellent mate...really excellent work. I can hear the BTTF music now just looking at it
  14. Ah sorry mate, I put the wrong folder path in the links
  15. Here's the links mate - email wouldn't send them! Brochure Manual
  16. Cinema Screen Please note: the back is never seen in the movie, but I added the support frame ala the billboard outside Lyon Estates in 1955 - I figured that upstanding structures of this nature would require support - would make more sense for people that fly behind it in the DeLorean etc to see how the screen is supported. Let me know your thoughts! Blender model file here.
  17. I've got the hires pdf booklets of the manual and advertising brochure if you need them - I found them on the net last night and they were incredibly useful for the colours and label placements etc. Just let me know if you'd like me to email them over mate.
  18. Looking fantastic mate Keep it up!!
  19. JVC Camera Lo-res model file: HERE
  20. JVC Camera Model - work in progress. Hiya, just thought I'd give you some progress shots of the JVC Camera, since it had been requested for modelling - please let me know what you think so far More shots as work progresses. Original: Model:
  21. It's been modelled and is waiting to be put in game. Don't worry, we'll get there
  22. I know, but I think that it's more important to recreate the experience rather than the accurate layouts. The cinema complex itself was tiny, and no way long enough to encompass the sequence of the delorean accelerating to 88, hence all the cuts in the film. I think that people would give it leeway if it felt to them as though they were taking part in that scene.
  23. I think that the current sand surface works well. If you consider that a) it was on rough ground and cool.gif the delorean was using replacement parts so it needed a longer run at 88 and just cleared the screen - we've got to recreate that ingame, and make it feel as though the delorean is struggling to get to 88. I've tested the sand floor as it is at the moment and it works well I think. Any sort of artificial floor would take that part away from the points that were being made. Besides this, you're transitioning to sand/soil surface anyway, so it'd make more sense for the map transition to take place in this way also.