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  1. Well yeah, but as Angelo pointed out, during the first experiment, the vehicle didn't exit the wormhole and stay straight. It immediately braked and turned to the left, which would have made the fire trails curved instead of cont straight... As sorta seen here... The front has moved left... But with the lightning run it did follow... So something is to blame...
  2. Well here's the thing... Yeah we know that the movie people added all that stuff to make it look cooler but you have think, If i was Doc Brown, why would i make things that do that? He make the Blue sparks and stuff cause it forms the wormhole in the front of the car, and everything that lights up inside has a purpose, but you're telling me he added those for effect? I know it's a movie, but "IF" it were real, everything Doc did had a purpose, that's kind of the point of this thread, to ramble on what we think the purpose behind what we see... You can't discount it to movie magic when the subject of thread is how does it do what we see it do?... We know it's just effects, but from Doc's POV it has a purpose... That's we want we know Angelo... Heh heh... that rhymed...
  3. I notice though you touched other aspects of what i said but didn't really touch upon my theory about travelling through space as well... I never said HG Wells was bad... But people do have problems with the idea of a time machine that only travels through time and not space... But that was not a problem with the HG Wells Machine It was attached to the Earth and you just watched as time flew by... a stationary TM does not need to move through space as well... Example: Six months from now the earth is on the other side of the solar system...
  4. Well, as all of you know, if you wish to travel in time, you must travel through space as well, which is why the Time Machine often has a bad rap when compared to other machines. But if you think about you could consider the generation of the fire trails as the Delorean's way of cling to surface, or air of the planet. Because if you travel through time and not space, you could end up in the same spot in space and have the earth not be there, or appear in the earth, which could be disastrous. And for iProton, the TARDIS doesn't use black holes to travel through time, The Time Lords created a Black hole on their home world of Gallifrey and harnessed it's power to generate the energy required to travel through time. The Doctor's TARDIS is slowly dying because of Gallifrey being in the Time Lock. The TARDIS runs on a mass of energy generated by chronon and huon particles... And it travels through the time vortex which is not a black hole... It is TIME in it's infinite sense... And the Delorean doesn't rewind or fast forward time. It that's and HG Wells thing... It punches a hole through time and is instantaneous, otherwise he'd see it pass by... But anyway, one could say the Delorean does travel through space as well as time and that the fire trails serve that purpose as well. However, there is the question of the flying Delorean, which doesn't have the actual tires spinning on any surface so what's created it? I believe the vents that created propulsion of the vehicle have taken that job and in doing so in the moment of transfer they spit the plasma which grounds it to the earth and to that location. Just my random musings... Take them as you will...
  5. Luikseer

    just a little help

    I'm a weird Stargate fan... I love the movie. But not the show... But I like this mod too... It's freaking sweet!!! Is this San Andreas version 1? Cause I have version 2... The one that the BTTF Mini mod doesn't work on... That's what i've got...
  6. Well either way here's the links to my videos Cutscene Time Travel ">
  7. Well given the fact that the mod has limited space, and they keep trying to make things better, By the time they make things perfect, Deloreans will be the only car left in the game. Everything else will have been left out for space. Lol. But i have to admit, it would be interesting, as it is right now, I have Time travel complaints galore. Not really a bad thing, but it is interesting, I'll be uploading a video i made later, I backed the Train off a building with cutscene TT turned on. it hits 88 pointing straight up into the air while falling backwards, the fire trails then shoot forwards. When the return scene happens the train pops out of the void as if i had hit 88 while flying through the building. it is level with the ground and right side up but appearing out of a wall... However, with instant TT mode, the train will fall backward, hit 88 and then shoot skyward in mid-air and fly though the air for a moment upside down until it crashes to the ground. Same is true for any of the Deloreans... But anyway, I know that such things are par for the course when you have limited space for coding. And Dragon King, thanks for the compliment, but it just goes to show I have WAY to much time on my hands...
  8. I'm sure it wouldn' work... It would make the delorean turn that direction as well, and what if you didn't want to turn that direction?
  9. I don't know what makes the Flux Capacitor Flux, except that the two top branches represent Past and Future And the Bottom branch (The Longest one) represents Present. But I do have a theory about the fire trails... When the Delorean travels through time the plasma vents behind the wheels, This is due to a friction not between the car and the universe, but between the car and Time.Depending on where the Delorean is going (past or future) the friction is against that time, It is essentially an imprint of where the Delorean is going considering it is forcing it's through the Time Vortex. The fire trails are then the remnant of your existence on that section of time. As seen in the photo below, the fire trails aren't just straight, they follow where the car has gone even though it is no longer there... Because of this, I believe that at the moment of time travel, The Delorean exists in both places at the same time. The Fire trails are the plasma runoff that the Delorean left behind. However it is still linked to the car across the void of time. at least for a moment...
  10. Okay 3 things... 1. Where can i find the program to make my own little things like that? 2. Where can i find an instruction guide or tutorial to learn to use this program? 3. And finally... Where can i get the Ecto 1? I want the Ghostbusters car!
  11. Now here's a real question for all of you. In previous threads we've discussed what makes the fire trails, why there is plasma runnoff from the wheels before transfer, and a variety of other things. I ask you now. In BTTF 1 when Doc sent Einstein 1 minute into the future, at the exact moment the time machine disappears you see an explosion on dust and flame emerge from the exact spot the machine disappears. and THEN the fire trails appear. I wish I could screencap it for you, but dont have the DVD with me right now. Answer me this, what exactly is exploding? And if the explosion is from the wormhole why isnt the Time machine destroyed whilst travelling through this unstable enviroment? Also, the time train isnt made of stainless steel... How does that affect time travel?
  12. Okay... All this is good and all but how exactly would i go about getting to those files... Aren't they encoded in the exe?
  13. Luikseer

    Modding Help

    I've downloaded all the tools from GTA Forums to mod Vice City but I can't figure out how to use anything Especially ZMOD I wanted to play with the Delorean a bit... Tweak things here and there. Just for fun. Any help?