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  1. Hey, I've been gone from the site for over a year, What's new? I tried clicking "View New Posts" But I'm not gonna read through 800 pages of posts... So, How is everybody and how's the mod coming along? Saw the new video. Delorean looks amazing... What's up?

  2. Telltale Games has made a Facebook Game that is Back to the Future themed. It's called, "Back To The Future: Blitz Through Time". If this information has already been posted, then let me know... In a nice way if you could... Statler, you're a douche.

    But the game is basically BeJeweled. Except you have to match the "Molecules" super frakking fast or you run out of time. Once you do enough matches in a row, you will "hit" 88mph and the background will change. to either 2015, or 1885. Special connections, give you special destruction of molecule abilities... It's really rather fun. Here's the link... click here

    My High Score is: 148,900... Believe me, I have NO FRAKKING CLUE how it got so high...

  3. I thought the one with the "Timeline Preservation Police" really doesn't fit the BTTF universe. It sounds like "Time-Cop", too dystophian for BTTF, IMO. The only plausible explanation I see would be if someone else developed time travel and made it public.

    Here's the problems I had.

    1. They have the Delorean back. Which suggests to me that they either are making it so the ride is part of the story and Doc has the Institute. Which in my opinion went completely against everything he believed in in the movies.

    2. A Tannen was an officer of the law. Opposite of what he should be. That's it Plain and Simple.

    3. George and Lorraine have had 13 years to forget what Marty's face looked like. And then 7 years later they're baby looks like him? I think if Marty ran into his parents again, George would become suspicious about the similarity. And then of course, have you seen the Flux Capacitor on the train? In front of the cabin? That think is f***ing huge. No way would Lorraine have it around her neck. Pregnant and that? She'd fall over...

    4. Playing as Jules or Verne? Is this the cartoon? If so, Why don't we play as Einstein driving the train?

    and finally...

    5. Their continuity was way off in every scenario. We want to play the movies. Not extra stuff. Yes, I'm sure we'd all like to play with the Delorean and travel wherever we wanted in a sandbox like mode. Maybe have some easter eggs thrown in. But I would forgo that for a good game that sticks to the story... Not following the story is what made this nonesense...

  4. Here's a pic of my new web character...34099_1489593088947_1507560519_1243329_3251146_n.jpg His name is Dude! Feel free to ask him any and all questions about anything and everything... and If they're good, he will answer them in an upcoming Vlog entry. The weirder the better... you can contact me/him at JustcallmeDavner@gmail.com, at http://www.youtube.com/user/JustcallmeDavner, you can find me on AIM at: JustcallmeDavner@gmail.com (Yes, the username is my email) or you can PM here at BTTF: HV... Lay them on me...

  5. Congrats, will you also be viewing modified games, like BTTF?

    I'd like to... But in order to make an accurate review i'd have to have played it, and the only midified game I have is BTTF VC. So I could review this mod but nothing else... And i'd like to wait for 0.2f to be released first... otherwise my review's info wont last very long...

  6. Well, I hit a huge snag... I can't release the vid this week like I hoped, mainly because I can't capture audio with my video for some reason. So, I am going to have to use FRAPS instead. My initial testing shows it works, with maybe a bit of lag, but nothing too serious... So... So much for Pinnacle Studio 12 Ultimate... Anyway, if you have any suggestions as to how capture video from a dvd, let me know...

  7. Okay... Many of you dont know me. So here it goes, My name is David Michael Kennedy-Farner, And I'm an average guy who is gonna start doing Movie and Video game reviews and much more... So I am posting a link to my blog and my Vlog... Leave comments. Let me know what you think! Leave suggestions as to what I should do and how I could improve my work! At some point I was gonna mention this game in the Vlog and maybe bring some new members over for your benefit!!! Let me know if this is a problem. Also, I think this is the right area of the the forums to post this type of thing... If this isn't right, please feel free to move it. Here are the links

    My Blog: http://davnersblog.blogspot.com

    My Vlog: http://www.youtube.com/user/JustcallmeDavner

    Hope to see lots of comments!!!