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  1. I'm going for SA, purely for the simple reason that driving is a LOT more fun in SA. None of the cars are really jerky like VC which makes playing with a keyboard for me a nightmare. On a completely off-topic thought, I'm suprised nobody turned the Hydra on SA into the Pelican drop ship from the Halo series. There is a Master Chief outfit and a Warthog but no Pelican.
  2. Impossible. He states in the 3rd film that Mr. Fusion powered the Time Circuits and the Flying Circuits.
  3. If we actually could get the mod to run on Xbox, controls wouldn't be a problem since the Xbox Version of Vice City actually uses the triggers ( The PC version doesn't recognize them or the Analog sticks but the left analog stick moves Tommy w/o setting controls anyway ) so thats an extra 2 buttons + the right analog stick you have. I'm using a 360 controller, and the only thing I can't do is use the Horn, change views, and change the way tommy is facing since that is controlled via mouse.
  4. Thanks Doc. Gonna try to install this again and see what turns up. See you in the future, or the past. Wish me luck. EDIT: Nevermind. Corrupted download. Tried 4 times.
  5. Yea....that just made my game crash as soon as I joined the MP server.
  6. Yea my wheels are huge too. SM said it was because the readme had the wrong cars listed to change.
  7. lol, good thing I just happend to start re-installing San Andreas right before I found this.
  8. This looks too much like a Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VT. It would make a cool 2015 car but not a TM.
  9. The BTTF2 and the DMC-13 for flying. The BTTF2 handles perfect for driving, but looks a tad odd when flying ( still badass looking though ). The DMC-13 on the other hand looks right in flying mode. Most likely due to caps over the wheels. ( Reminds me of Dallas 13's car from Vigilante 8:2nd Offence ) In driving mode though, it is just too responsive, and the wheels being a lot closer together than the DMC-12 makes it look un-attracive.
  10. Whatever the lastest version is, I use that and I have no problems whatsoever besides the extra views not working sometimes.